This Company Is Making Multivitamins Specifically for Plant-Based Eaters

The eco-conscious brand is making it easier than ever for vegans and plant-based eaters to get the necessary nutrients they need.

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As a longtime vegan, Lisa Gonzalez-Turner was used to playing nutritionist and concocting her own daily vitamin regimen. For years, she says she'd gulp down five or six different nutrient supplements — all from faceless, generic brands she'd find on Amazon — to try to fill any nutritional gaps left open by her plant-based diet.

"There wasn't a single multivitamin on the market that had the right nutrient profile for someone who doesn't consume meat or dairy on a regular basis — or at all, in my case," she recalls.

Not to mention, the supplement industry as a whole seemed like it was stuck in the '90s, using unnecessary fillers, animal-derived ingredients, and outdated plastic packaging, says Gonzalez-Turner. In her opinion, there was a massive hole in the supplement market — and, therefore, in her own wellness routine — she just couldn't ignore. (Reminder: The supplement industry isn't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so consider talking with your doc before starting any supplement regimen.)

So in 2018, Gonzalez-Turner ditched her job as the senior manager of marketing and communications at Daily Harvest and embarked on a two-year journey to develop and launch wholier, a wellness and supplement company designed with plant-based people in mind. The cheeky name is not only a riff off the common stereotype that vegans believe they're "holier than thou," says Gonzalez-Turner, but it also represents the idea that the brand is trying to help people feel whole and satisfied on their plant-based journeys, she adds. (Thinking of going vegetarian? This guide will help you get started.)

"I wanted to create a plant-based nutrition brand that was founded in the belief that plant-based, eco-conscious lifestyles are the future," she explains. "This community of people, including myself, deserves a wellness brand that is tailored to their needs, values, and desires. And the [lack of] multivitamins felt like a very obvious pain point to start wholier off with."

Last August, wholier kicked off with its flagship product: a nutritionist-backed, entirely vegan multivitamin available through both a monthly subscription and individual purchases. The clear capsules are formulated with eight vitamins and minerals that research shows may be tough to score enough of on a plant-based diet, such as vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3s, says Gonzalez-Turner. What you won't find inside the pills: synthetic fillers, dyes, and "nutrients that most plant-based people — unless you're doing something totally wrong — are getting on a daily basis, such as vitamin C," she adds. (ICYDK, many plant foods, such as peppers, citrus, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, are rich in immune-boosting vitamin C, according to the National Institutes of Health.)

Needless to say, wholier's multivitamins are all derived directly from plants (i.e. microalgae, fermented rice, fermented chickpeas, and sprouted quinoa) and have been sourced from vetted, cruelty-free suppliers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, says Gonzalez-Turner. Plus, many of the ingredients used are branded varieties — opposed to generic — so consumers can easily look up where specific nutrients are coming from and how they're derived. (For example, the vitamin D3 used in the multivitamin is the trademarked ingredient VegD3.) Their purported benefits have also been supported by clinical studies, she adds, which makes for a product that's transparent and traceable.

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Gonzalez-Turner explains that many plant-based eaters don't nix meat and dairy solely to protect animal welfare or lead a healthier life (although there are plenty of perks to it) — but also to try to curb their environmental footprint. That's why wholier opted against packing their product in plastic bottles and instead utilizes refillable glass jars. After the first shipment, monthly subscribers will receive their multivitamins in a small compostable envelope. And to round out its environmental mission, wholier donates 5 percent of its profits to the Trees That Feed Foundation, a non-profit that plants fruit-bearing trees in 17 countries across the globe. "[Trees That Feed Foundation]really encompasses all the things that we believe in, like giving people plant-based food, supporting the environment, and uplifting communities," says Gonzalez-Turner.

As the business grows, Gonzalez-Turner remains firm on those core values. Later this year, wholier will be releasing a few other products that are geared toward a broader fan base — not just vegans and those who eat plants 80 percent of the time. Expansion aside, wholier will continue to be plant-based, sustainably packaged, accessibly priced, and made from transparent ingredients, vows Gonzalez-Turner. "Our ethos will always be to create products that align with the unique values and desires of the growing plant-based, eco-conscious community," she says.

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Buy It: wholier multivitamin, $39 for a 30-day supply,; $29 for a monthly subscription,

(For more information on wholier's third-party testing practices, visit the brand's FAQ page.)

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