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New Products Featuring Good-for-You Adaptogens

What's an Adaptogen?

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Adaptogen is an umbrella term for compounds found in plants that are actually able to adjust to what your body needs by either increasing or decreasing your immune system in response to stress you're experiencing. Plants with adaptogenic properties have been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years (in Tibetan medicine, the Bhutia community dried mushrooms with adaptogenic properties in the sun and put them in hot water for 1 hour before drinking, a practice they continue today). Adaptogens are believed to ease stress, improve mood, increase energy, and even help athletic performance. Now, companies are making it simple to work adaptogens into your diet. Get your adaptogen fix with these finds.

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LuliTonix Mind Food

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This blended smoothie features rhodiola and ashwaganda, two adaptogens that are backed by clinical studies showing their ability to increase the body's resistance to stress in many forms. For you, that could mean a boost in mood or improved cardio performance. ($11;

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Sun Potion Powders

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Sprinkle this in a smoothie and you'll get a hit of zen, too. A recent study found that the substance lowered cortisol levels, a marker of stress that's also associated with weight gain. Sun Potion also sells well-known adaptogens like cordyceps, rhodiola, and astragalus in powder form. (From $37;

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Torii Labs Awake Tonic

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These shots taste like a mix of ginger, cayenne, and citrus, so the bold flavors alone will wake you up in the morning. But they also contain rhodiola and schisandra, giving you an adaptogenic boost too. Schisandra has been shown to improve focus and increase exercise endurance. (6 for $45;

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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

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Adaptogens work best when you take them consistently, so this mushroom coffee may be your new go-to. It's packed with cordyceps, which has long been used by athletes for its performance-enhancing benefits. A recent study found that when people used it regularly for three weeks, it helped them exercise for longer and improved their peak power. Coffee not your thing? The brand also does a hot cacao! ($15 for 10 packets;

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Juice Generation Magic Mushroom Shot

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Chaga and reishi mushrooms make the perfect combo for this shot of nutritional goodness (sold at Juice Generations nationwide). Both substances have long been used in Chinese medicine for their adaptogenic properties to fight stress within the body. While there is less scientific evidence in humans to support their benefits, anecdotal evidence does show these 'shrooms can improve your immune system.

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Moon Juice Dusts

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This blend features astragalus (which has been shown to enhance exercise performance reduce fatigue), rhodiola, and schisandra (to give you energy and increase stamina). Throw it into coffee, tea, or even nut milk for some extra pep in your step. ($30,

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REBBL Super Herb Elixirs

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If you love chai lattes, swap out your afternoon treat for this healthy pick. It's full of ashwaganda, perfect for fighting the afternoon slump, helping you de-stress and re-energize. Check out REBBL's other elixirs and protein smoothies if chai isn't your thing. (Available in natural food markets)

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Lifehouse Forever Young Tonic

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Lifehouse's tonic can be blended into all sorts of creative smoothies—just check out their juice shop menu for inspo, then order a tonic and create your own! The "Forever Young" blend features standout adaptogen schisandra. ($24,

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