You asked...Can Cooking On High Heat Cause Heart Disease?


I've heard foods cooked at high heat can cause heart disease. Is this true?


Researchers believe it is. When a food is prepared at a very high temperature, it can develop advanced glycation end products (AGEs), compounds that may lead to cardiovascular disease, finds a recent study in the journal Diabetes Care. "Items that are roasted, grilled at high heat, broiled, or fried form more AGEs, while those stewed or steamed develop fewer," says Jaime Uribarri, M.D., lead researcher and a professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.Certain food groups are more likely to produce AGEs: Those that get most of their calories from carbs (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and breads) create the lowest levels, while meats and fats (butter, nuts, and oils) yield the highest. To reduce AGE formation, Uribarri recommends marinating meats in salad dressing or wine, then placing them in foil pouches before grilling or roasting.

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