Try these five tips to bust out of a food coma and break your overeating cycle

By Cynthia Sass
November 06, 2014

Had two giant slices of cake and a couple glasses of wine at a friend's birthday party last night? Don't panic! Instead of feeling guilty about a late-night feeding frenzy, which can lead to a vicious cycle of overeating, try this five-step fix.

Do a Reality Check



As full and heavy as you may feel, the numbers don't lie. It takes 3,500 extra calories to gain one pound of body fat. So unless you ate six slices of cake and drank eight glasses of wine, you're in the clear. While you're off the hook for now, here are more secrets to stop binge eating.

Get Enough H20



Alcohol is dehydrating, so make sure you consume plenty of water. Drink eight to 10 cups throughout the day to flush out any excess sodium that could cause water retention. Plus, drinking water helps you feel full.

Eat Balanced Meals



Starving yourself often backfires, slowing your metabolism, and setting you up for another binge later on. Now is the time to stock your pantry with healthy foods and plan nutritious meals for the next week. If you have the time, prep some dishes so you're not tempted to order takeout when you come home from a long day at work. For your next meal, add these 8 Super Nutrients that Slim You Down to boost your metabolism and get you on the fast track to weight loss.

Fill Up On Fiber to Beat Bloating



Consuming too much of the wrong foods can lead to short-term constipation and bloating. Keep your digestive system humming with foods rich in fiber, like black beans (15 grams per cup), artichokes (10 grams for a medium one), raspberries (8 grams per cup), and barley (6 grams per cup).

Work Up a Sweat



Instead of recovering on your couch, get moving! Stay on that stair climber for 15 extra minutes or park far from your office and walk the distance briskly-you'll burn up to 115 additional calories. Need a workout? Try this training plan that promises to Blast Calories and Build Muscle in 30 Minutes.