I Tried Adding This Superfood Powder Into My Morning Routine, and I've Seriously Never Felt Better

Just one scoop in my smoothie each day makes it so easy to get the nutrients I need.

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Shape Certified: Your Super Powder
Photo: Courtesy of Your Super

It wasn't until the pandemic that I really started to focus on my health. Don't get me wrong: My family always followed a very European lifestyle, especially when it came to food and home-cooked meals; I'm originally from Germany, and the culture there is all about quality cooking with the freshest ingredients, every day. So I grew up eating healthy, and I was often that odd kid out that loved salads and broccoli for school lunches — but honestly, I am so thankful my parents instilled such habits at an early age.

But when everything started going south during the pandemic, I really began to reevaluate my diet and place more emphasis on my health. Sure, I was getting a decent dose of greens and protein, but I knew there was more I could do. That's when I was introduced to Your Super's Superfood powders, specifically, the Super Green blend that offered an easy way to increase my intake of nutritious greens. I was intrigued.

Your Super Superfood Powders Key Features

  • How I tested: I've incorporated a few different Your Super powders into my morning and evening routines for the past 6 months, but the Super Green blend has been my most-used by far.
  • Perfect for: Anyone who struggles to get in their daily dose of greens or is looking for an easy and delicious way to improve their nutrition.
  • What you'll love: The variety of superfood powders available, which means you'll have no problem finding one specific to your health goals.
  • Key ingredients: Wheatgrass, antioxidant-rich moringa, and spirulina and chlorella.

Your Super Superfood Powder

Shape Certified: Your Super Powder
Courtesy of Your Super

Your Super Superfood Review

While I love to cook, I'm also a fan of easy-to-use pantry staples that offer an instant dose of, well, nutrition. So instead of making my usual blueberry, banana, and dragon fruit smoothie, I turned it into a nutrient-packed smoothie, with all of these fruits and the Super Green powder. And let me tell you, ever since I started to add a scoop of said power into my morning routine, I've felt better than ever. My skin is glowing! I'm not hungry in between meals! And I have more energy — not to mention, I feel healthier overall.

The powder is so easy to use, and it can be incorporated into your routine in a plethora of ways. I prefer to start my day with a healthy kick of something-something, which is why I prefer mixing one teaspoon of the Super Green powder into my smoothies. And while I'm not that picky about taste, this one does have a slightly more potent "green" flavor (thanks to ingredients like spirulina and chlorella), so I prefer adding it to my berry smoothie versus combining it with just water.

The standout ingredients in the 6-ingredient, USDA-certified organic powder (that's made without artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gums) is the aforementioned spirulina, a superfood packed with B vitamins, potassium, and calcium, as well as iron, vitamin E, and magnesium. Spirulina also contains a nice dose of protein if you're looking for an easy way to get some more nutrients. Chlorella is another well-known protein included in the blends; it's rich in iron, fiber, B vitamins, complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats, and antioxidants like lutein and vitamin C.

TL;DR: The Super Green powder packs a serious punch of nutrition in a way that's easy and affordable to consume — one 30-serving can is $30. And a teaspoon a day has truly kept my body and skin feeling (and looking) its best.

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