The Cheesy Chaffles Recipe You'll Want to Make Every Damn Day

Chaffles are a low-carb spin on a breakfast classic.

The keto diet is extremely low-carb, which can be challenging...period, but also specifically when a craving for something like diner-style pancakes and french toast hits. Two slices of french toast rings in at roughly 30 grams of net carbs, which more than many keto dieters aim to eat in an entire day. Welp, that's not going to work.

Enter the cheese waffle aka "chaffle," a keto-friendly waffle alternative made with eggs and cheese. They're a satisfying alternative and they're simple to make, which, LBH, isn't true of all keto recipe swaps.

For real, you won't need a stockpile of specialty keto ingredients to make chaffles. At its most basic, a chaffle is simply a combination of eggs and mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is a relatively benign cheese (meaning it doesn't have a particularly pungent flavor how some cheeses can). Plus, it melts well, which you definitely need in this recipe. This chaffles recipe also incorporates almond flour to create a more traditional waffle-like texture. It's an ingredient you'll definitely want to stock up on if you're following a keto diet since it's high in fat and low in net carbs. (

You can customize this basic chaffle recipe to suit your preferences. Drizzle on some keto-friendly maple syrup and add some berries to make a sweet chaffle. Or cook a fried egg (yes, more eggs) and serve it in between two chaffles with some sliced avocado to make a keto breakfast sandwich. The possibilities are endless.

The Best Keto Chaffle Recipe

Makes: 1-2 big chaffles or 3-4 mini chaffles



Nutrition facts for entire batch: 739 calories, 60g fat, 10g carbs, 3g fiber, 1g sugar, 46g protein

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