Three people from the top meat-loving states in the U.S. will be selected.

By Arielle Tschinkel
July 31, 2020
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If you've always wanted to go vegan but find it difficult to commit to the diet for more than a week tops, there's a pretty sweet incentive now to give it a real shot. Vegan Liftz, an online platform for vegan-based health and diet resources, is looking for three self-professed meat-lovers willing to switch to an entirely plant-based diet for 30 days. The best part? The company is paying a cool $2,500 to the chosen participants as they document their journeys, serving up some serious green cash money—all for eating your greens.

Vegan Liftz put out a call for vegan-curious meat-lovers after conducting a survey of over 5,000 Americans, the results of which revealed the top meat-eating states in the country: Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, and Indiana. (Related: I Followed a Vegan Diet for a Week and Discovered a New Appreciation for These Foods)

Now, if you're a self-proclaimed carnivore between 18 and 60 years old who lives in one of those five states, Vegan Liftz wants to pay you $2,500 to try a vegan diet for a month and let the company know how it goes.

To be eligible for the gig, you'll have to confirm you have no underlying health conditions (such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism) and provide your primary care doctor's info in case any details need to be addressed with them, according to a statement from Vegan Liftz. You'll also be asked to complete a remote health and fitness check—including a questionnaire; height and weight measurements; and testing for both blood pressure and heart at rest, during a workout, and during recovery—and take head-to-toe photos of yourself both before and after the 30 days.

If selected, you'll be given a suggested meal plan, including ideas and recipes for different plant-based foods you can enjoy throughout the month. While there won't be reimbursement for meals or groceries, there's also no rigid schedule or meal prep necessary. Consider it an opportunity to experiment with any vegan foods you want, in any way you want. (Check out these vegan dinner recipes you'll want to make over and over for some inspiration.)

During the month-long gig, you'll keep a detailed health journal of the experience, documenting both the foods you eat throughout the month and how the change in diet impacts the amount of money you spend on food, your social life, and your grocery-buying experience. You'll also be asked to keep notes on things like hunger, digestion, energy levels, mood, concentration levels, sleep quality, menstrual changes if any, and physical changes (including changes in strength, muscle, and fat loss or gain), according to a statement from Vegan Liftz.

"We are looking to demonstrate the real-life effects being vegan has on a person's health and fitness," Jason Hughes, founder of, said in a statement. "It's important to us that the case studies we produce from our latest recruits are honest, relatable, and informative." Translation: Even if you hate your month of veganism, Vegan Liftz wants to hear about it. "[It's important that] both negatives and positives are reported on so people can make an informed decision on whether veganism is right for them, and how best to implement it." (Related: 10 Nutrition Mistakes Vegans Make—and How to Fix Them)

If you're interested, you can apply now via the Vegan Liftz website. Winners will be chosen by the end of August, and the company is aiming to begin the month-long study in mid-September. If selected, you'll be given $250 upfront and receive the additional $2,250 after successfully completing the study.

So if you're vegan-curious meat-eater from Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, or Indiana who could use a little extra cash right now, you'll want to hop on this opportunity ASAP.


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