In my latest Weight Loss Diary column, I wrote about throwing my first healthy dinner party. My spinach and dried cranberry salad and low-fat lasagna were such a big hit, I've been thinking about what to serve for my next get-together. But last weekend, I found a recipe for Stuffed Roasted Sweet Potatoes in the most recent issue of Mom & Baby magazine (a spinoff of Shape's sister publication, Fit Pregnancy), and did a test run. The dish was tasty, filling, and nutritious (think: protein, fiber, and calcium). Plus, it was so easy to prepare: Simply sauté some black beans, olive oil, cumin, tomato, and scallions in a pan for five minutes. Then spoon the mixture over a roasted sweet potato that's been split down the middle and top with a dollop of reduced-fat sour cream. Next step: sending out those save-the-date e-mails!