Does eating meat make you sick?


About six months ago, if my memory serves me correctly, I started developing a troublesome, and odd, fear of eating. Before you start jumping to conclusions thinking I might have some form of an eating disorder (which is a condition that millions of women struggle with and should be taken very seriously) I don't mean it in this way.

My fear of eating revolves around one very specific food group-meat. For some strange reason, I've had at least six different occurrences in which I would consume some sort of meat, including hamburger, steak, chicken, or salmon and within 3 or 4 hours, almost like clock work, would become disturbingly sick to my stomach, usually followed by diarrhea and vomiting. But what's really confusing is the fact that almost immediately after my body passes whatever it is that it was rejecting (which is still being researched), I feel better and almost fully functional as if I was never sick at all.

This unfortunate situation happened again this past weekend after consuming a hearty meal of southern BBQ including ribs, pork, and chicken while visiting my family in South Carolina. Everyone else ate the exact same thing as I did and was fine. I'm starting to think that I'm developing a food allergy or an allergic reaction to a combination of ingredients or spices in certain foods that might commonly accompany meat.

Unfortunately, due to these odd circumstances, I've now developed an underlying fear and dread associated with dining out and ordering dishes that contain meat. Short of becoming vegetarian, because I never experience these issues when eating vegetables and using very little seasoning-basic salt, pepper and olive oil, I don't know what the solution might be.

I love experimental eating and it's absolutely one of my favorite parts of traveling domestically or abroad. To cut meat out of my diet seems extreme, especially given the fact that recent blood work has identified that I'm border-line anemic, meaning my body could really benefit from the iron found in most meats.

I'll be exploring my options over the next several weeks as my primary goal is overall good health. So if that means cutting out meat while I figure out the underlying issue I'll do it. Unpredictable bouts of illness are never fun so I hope to uncover what's really happening in my body soon.

If anyone has ever had similar experiences with eating certain types of meats or other foods I'd love to hear about it. Hopefully, I can discover what my body is experiencing with the help of others that have already figured it out.

Signing Off Fearing Meat,