My fridge is fuller than ever—what’s going on here?

By Karen Borsari
Updated: December 10, 2015

Day three of the no-groceries challenge is done and I'm not feeling a thing! In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if my fridge will be empty before my trip to Venice next month!

The day started strong with a healthy breakfast consisting of plain yogurt from Trader Joe's. At this point, I'd say the 12oz container is about half full. On top of that I sprinkled an amazingly tasty new product I've just learned about: Kind Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters. A 1/3 of a cup has 130 calories, 5g of protein and 16g of whole grains including amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet, and buckwheat. I also added a few walnuts for extra protein.

I made good progress on the groceries at lunch too, finishing the other half a breast of chicken that I grilled on day one of the challenge and the pre-cooked broccoli I had on hand.

Dinner is another story. I had an event at Murray's Cheese that consisted of an hour of wine and cheese tasting during which I filled up on bread and cheese, and a handful of nuts followed by a dinner of roasted chicken breast and salad. Sounds great right-a free meal that had plenty of protein and fresh greens? It was great. But having shared my no-groceries challenge with my friends at Murray's they sent me home with quite a care package.

Not only did I not clean out my cabinets I'm actually refilling my fridge with two types of cheese, buttery rich La Tur which needs to be eaten in a matter of days, and Pyrenees Brebis one of the most snackable cheeses you will ever meet, which fortunately, lasts a little longer. I now have an entire baguette to eat them with, a few days worth of chicken, and enough mixed greens, tomatoes, and other goodies to make one or two salads.

After all that food I told myself I wouldn't, but I still had three chocolate covered graham crackers when I got home. All in all not the healthiest day, my tummy aching as I type this proves it, and not the best cabinet cleaning, freezer-space freeing day either. Better luck tomorrow!

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Today's produce status

Fresh Produce:

¼ head of Romaine lettuce

1/3 head of cabbage

1/2 a bag of carrots

A few scallions

½ a bag of white baking potatoes

1 apple

1 (really large) butternut squash

1 acorn squash

1 cup of broccoli (already cooked)

1 ½ onions

Handful of roasted root vegetables

1-2 servings mixed greens with shredded carrot

Handful of grape tomatoes

Frozen Veggies:

1/2 a bag of corn

1 bag of broccoli

1 bag of spinach

1 bag of Brussels sprouts



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