By Karen Borsari
Updated: April 10, 2013

I love entertaining for the holidays and am always looking for special little extras to make my party stand out from the rest. Unfortunately there are two things that limit me: money & space. Luckily there is one trick I always use from my days working at an event planner that doesn't cost me anything and takes up almost no space. Enter the cloth napkin with a fancy fold.

I'm not talking about a 1980's style fan or stuffing them in your wine glass banquet hall-style. Trust me, I've seen and done them all. My go-to every holiday season is the airplane fold, simple elegant and easy to do.

All you need are square cloth napkins. You can fudge it with a rectangle but square is best. When the party is over the napkins fold up nice and flat for easy storage (once you've washed them of course) until your next party.

Watch me do the airplane fold and give your holiday table an upgrade, it's easy!



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