I’m beginning to wonder if I have a serious digestive disorder

By Renee Woodruff
March 26, 2012

On a continued quest to learn more about my body and what my tummy is trying to tell me by rejecting the meat products I consume, I decided to consult my friend and trusted doctor, Dan DiBacco. I sent Dan my blog post from two weeks ago and asked him what his thoughts were. His reply email came back quickly and below is what he candidly shared:

"Wow. This is a tough one. Particularly because the food stuffs that are causing you the issues don't have a common thread (ie wheat products making gluten intolerance a suspicion). The only real connection is protein derived from animal products. I'm unaware of any food intolerance specific to animal products besides lactose in milk.

Do any other dietary protein sources (nuts, cheese, etc) cause this issue? What about alcohol or anything else that causes this? Animal protein only?

One thing I'd consider is a potential ulcer or other digestive issue that is exacerbated by animal protein. I'm thinking much in the way diverticulitis is flared by strawberries. I'd say it's worth discussing with a gastroenterologist. They may want to take a look (I've done it three times and it's a cinch) at your innards.

In any event, an issue like this should not be ignored. Whatever the cause, it is obvious your body cannot digest animal protein. How and why this has developed would be a question for your physician. The bottom line is to not try to manage it by altering your diet until you've had a doc weigh in."

Beyond this advice, I also decided to bring this matter my acupuncturist, Mona Chopra, who is a licensed acupuncturist and therapeutic yoga instructor and someone I've been building a relationship with. Her quick take, when sharing the same story, was that she didn't feel that there was an immediate threat and the likelihood of me having an ulcer, or other serious issue, is nominal due to the fact that I don't have any other symptom like stomach pain, that would normally lead one to think there might be something more serious going on.

She's advised me to keep an eye on it and to thank my body for telling me when it's not feeling well. I think we fail to remember that even when we're not feeling well, that can be a good thing. Our bodies are communicating to us that something is not working properly.

Paying attention to these signs will help us learn more about our bodies and what keeps them healthy. So next time you're feeling a little off, listen to what's really going on and figure out the best way to respond. Consider taking a break by canceling your evening plans, seeking the council of a trusted advisor, or visiting a doctor to get a check-up.

I'll likely be calling the Mayo Clinic gastro doctor that I worked with last year to get his take on things as well.

More on this subject at a later time...

Signing Off Paying Attention to the Signs,