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Gifts for the Foodie

Best Gift: Kuhn Rikon Flexi Spatula Knife

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The Kuhn Rikon Flexi spatula knife has a blade on one side for dicing and another for scraping food directly into a pan or pot. $18,

Best Gift: Vosges Mini Candy Bar Library

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Make portion control a no–brainer with the half-ounce Vosges mini candy bar library. $25 for 9,

Best Gift: Harry & David Taste of the Valley Basket

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Once this Harry & David Taste of the Valley basket—filled with fresh pears, Havarti, and blue cheese—is empty, it flattens into a handy trivet. 

Best Gift: Sur La Table Veggie Ornaments

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Have a pal who’s trying to eat healthier? Encourage her with your Christmas gift of these Sur La Table veggie ornaments. $6 each,

Best Gift: Rösle colander

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For streamlined storage, this stainless steel Rösle colander collapses to the width of a dinner plate.

Best Gift: Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

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The sleek Drosselmeyer nutcracker features a small container to catch shells—so there's no mess to clean up. $40,

Best Gift: Global Gardens California Gift Set

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Upgrade salads with the Global Gardens California Gift Set , a duo of extra-virgin olive oil and fruit-infused balsamic vinegar. $40,

Best Gift: Chef's Salt Collection

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With flavors like Bamboo Curry, the Chef's Salt Collection gives any dish a gourmet feel. $40 for 4,

Best Gift: Jonathan Adler Salt and Pepper Shakers

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The perfect Chrsitmas gift, Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers turn elephants into art. $48,

Best Gift: Williams-Sonoma Microplane Herb Mill

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Make quick work of mincing with this handy new gadget from Williams-Sonoma. Whether she needs finely chopped cilantro for a guacamole or minced rosemary, thyme, and tarragon for a marinade, this Christmas gift will save her some prep time. $20,

Best Gift: Rachael Ray EVOO-Dispensing Bottle

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Lighten up her kitchen with this stylishly mod olive oil dispenser. Its bright design not only adds a pop of color to the countertop but also ensures a light hand for the perfect pour each time—no matter how short she is on time. Great paired with this olive oil and balsamic vinegar duo. $15,

Best Gift: Raw Edge Himalayan Salt Roasting Slab

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Make your favorite foodie an entertainer worth her salt by adding a dash of drama to her next dinner party. This beautiful 2-inch-thick slab of natural Himalayan rock salt can be preheated to sear scallops tabletop a la showy restaurant. Or frozen in advance, it stylishly (and safely) serves sushi and cold desserts. $89,

Best Gift: Purple Violet Mustard

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Best Christmas Gift: Purple Violet Mustard
Pardon us, but we would hand over our Grey Poupon for this jar any day. Moutarde au violette is an age-old recipe from French wine country: fresh red grape juice combined with coarsely ground mustard seed. This Christmas gift's robust flavor pairs perfectly with all kinds of meats and cheeses. $13,

Best Gift: Fred & Friends Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

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These are no teenage mutants and not your cookie-cutter gingerbread men either. Rather these ninjabread men serve up a dose of stealth strength with your holiday sweets. Bake all three classic ninja attack poses and give them to your favorite kickboxing devotees. $10,

Best Gift: Eating Local: The Cookbook Inspired by America’s Farmers

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Foodies will devour this cookbook that highlights the freshest seasonal ingredients. Organized alphabetically by ingredient, this Christmas gift will allow your cook to quickly zero in on healthy recipes that will best feature her fresh apples, Brussels sprouts or any other farmer's market finds. $35,


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