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Have a better burger

  1. Grind your own meat
    Pre-ground meat originates from huge
    batches of beef, upping the odds of contamination. Cut a slice
    of chuck, sirloin steak, or pork shoulder into one-inch pieces,
    then pulse in a food processor until well chopped. Or ask the
    butcher to grind a cut of meat for you in the store.
  2. At restaurants, order your burger well-done
    Although there's
    no way to guarantee that the chef will cook the meat
    thoroughly, this request is your best bet.
  3. Use a meat thermometer
    Since bacteria is generally found on
    the outside of meat cuts, it's killed by cooking. But in ground
    beef, surface meat is mixed throughout,
    so it's vital that burgers are heated all the
    way through. Make sure the thermometer
    reads 160°F in several spots.


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