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10 Creative Ways to Enjoy Rosé That You Haven't Thought of Before

Rosé Everything

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If you thought the only way to enjoy rosé was out of a glass, think again. Try one of these clever recipes that you can whip up at home, and stun your friends with how ~fancy~ your cooking skills are.

Rosé Wine Granita

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This Rosé Wine Granita is the adult version of a snowcone. It's frozen for three hours so it holds together but still maintains that slushy consistency. That perfect texture plus a little extra sugar to sweeten the glass makes this the perfect boozy post-dinner treat.

Photo: Feast + West

Peach Rosé Sangria

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As if rosé doesn't already scream summer, this Peach Rosé Sangria recipe adds fresh peaches and berries to the mix, as well as a little peach liqueur to really pump up the fruity flavor. Throw it in a pitcher for an easy summertime entertaining beverage.

Photo: Julie's Eats and Treats

Rosé Lemonade

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Beyoncé's version of lemonade stole our hearts, but this Rosé Lemonade is a play on the warm weather classic that you won't be able to get enough of. Pour another glass, quick!

Photo: Dessert for Two

Rosé Jelly

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This simple trick to make Rosé Jelly will change your cheese board life. Just a little bit of TLC transforms your wine into a jelly-like spread that has subtle notes of sweet from the rosé and a hint of tart from fresh lemon juice. It's the ultimate complement for wine and cheese night with your girlfriends.

Photo: Styling and recipe, Sarah Heeringa; photography, Aimee Magne. 

Lillet Rosé Flambe

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Two of our favorite things come together in this high-quality, low-prep cocktail—rosé and champagne, AKA Lillet Rosé Flambe. The drink uses Lillet Rouge, which comes from a small village in France but is now available commercially. It's a slightly sweet wine and aperitif hybrid. Serve this bubbly beverage with orange bitters and fresh orange peel to really bring home the citrus kick.

Photo: Lillet

Rosé Ice Cubes

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Wine on ice is probably not a new concept for you, but wine on ice cubes made from wine is something you're going to wish you knew about sooner. It's a simple trick: Just pour leftover rosé into an ice mold and pop in the freezer overnight. What you're left with is pink-hued cubes that keep your drink chilled, but also serve as an instant refill as they melt. Genius!

Photo: Tasting Table

Strawberries and Rosé

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This Chandon-concocted boozy beverage balances the inherent sweetness of rosé with an herbal, aromatic basil simple syrup to make each sip refreshing. Topped with fresh basil and strawberries, this glass of Strawberries and Rosé tastes like a summer garden.

Photo: Chandon

Rosé-Soaked Gummy Bears

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For a little late night nosh that calms sweet tooth cravings (and maybe the Sunday Scaries), try Rosé-Soaked Gummy Bears. Yes, you read that right. This recipe shows you how to do it with both brut and rosé to give the chewy candy a sweeter, slightly floral kick. Once soaked, the bears will plump up, supercharging every bite with boozy juiciness.

Photo: The Skinny Fork

Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes

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This completely genius idea to pair raspberries and rosé in dessert form will have you drooling. The vanilla cake base has rosé baked into it for a subtle hint of the wine. But it's the buttercream frosting that really brings both flavors to life. Each bite of these Raspberry Rosé Wine Cupcakes will make your taste buds sing.

Photo: Completely Delicious

The Frosé

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This frozen treat is a jack of many trades—a way to cool off while sipping on a rooftop, the ultimate happy hour concoction, and a tasty sweet all in one. Inspired by the signature cocktail at The Drift, a rooftop bar at The Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York City, The Frosé is easy to pull together. All you have to do is top a scoop of strawberry sorbet with sparkling rosé and fresh berries!

Photo: The Drift Bar


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