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3-Ingredient Bubbly Cocktail Hacks

Hosting a holiday party just got a whole lots easier thanks to our SHAPE #HolidayHacks! Toast the night with four great bubbly cocktail recipes that each call for just three ingredients. That makes more time clinking glasses, and less time making a mess in the kitchen. Cheers! (And for more holiday cocktail hacks, check out our recipes for 3-ingredient drinks to make with your favorite spirits.)

All Mariah Carey Wants for Christmas

Drop 1 cinnamon stick in a champagne flute; pour champagne then top with apple cider.

The Menorah Mimosa​

Pour champage until glass is roughly half full then add 1 oz Campari; garnish with orange peel.

​The Mrs. Claus

​Pour champagne followed by 1 oz amaretto into flute; top with ginger ale​.

Kevin McCallister

Pour champage into flute followed by pomegranate juice; garnish with orange peel.


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