Totally festive but super easy to make, these cocktail recipes will liven up your holiday party

By Kylie Gilbert

Love a good craft cocktail but hate all the fuss? These three-ingredient festive drinks-featuring spirits from vodka to gin to whiskey-are beyond easy to put together, yet a total crowd pleaser. Get the deets on the recipes (including the adorable holiday-themed names) below. (And for those who prefer their libations bubbly, check out our three-ingredient champagne cocktails!)

Russian Rudolph

1.5 oz Vodka, 1 cinnamon stick, fill the rest with ginger ale (on the rocks)

Father Christmas

1 tbsp maple syrup, 1.5 oz whiskey, orange peel (on the rocks)

Drunken Dreidel

1.5 oz whiskey, I cinnamon stick, fill the rest with apple cider (on the rocks)

Potent Poinsettia

1.5 oz gin, fresh mint leaves (muddle), fill the rest with cranberry juice and garnish with more fresh mint (on the rocks)

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