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8 Fresh Smoothie Recipes for Spring

Sippin' On Spring Flavors

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It's prime time to drink the rainbow! "Smoothie recipes are a great way to get fiber-filled fruit and whole, real food nutrition," says Anne Mauney, R.D., blogger at "The key is to make sure that you are pairing your fruit with some staying power in the form of protein (like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or a protein powder) and healthy fat (like nuts, nut butter, avocado or seeds)."

Avocados are ripe for the picking come spring, as are other colorful fruits and vegetables that are ideal for blending. Around April, as leafy greens start reaching their peak, Mauney sneaks in some spinach into her smoothies for an extra nutrient boost. Plus, just four weeks of increased green smoothie consumption can lower risk for cardiovascular disease, says research out of Portland State University, so plug in your blender and get sippin' for a slimmer and stronger you come summer.

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Spring Rainbow Smoothie

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Celebrate the return of longer days—and of berry season—with this sunset-like layered smoothie from Diet Taste! Kiwi and avocado team up to color the base of your glass, strawberries or raspberries blush the middle, and mangos tint the top.

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Strawberry Banana-Mango Lava Flow

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The foundation of this delicious Strawberry Banana-Mango Lava Flow from A Beautiful Plate is frozen bananas. Give it a swirl with your straw to score the eye-catching marbleized look. (Next up: Try these 8 Simple Slimming Smoothies.)

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Hangover Busting Smoothie

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Indulged a bit too much on vacation? Fight back against headache-inducing dehydration with fANNEtastic Food's refreshing Hangover Busting Smoothie that uses ginger and coconut water.

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Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie

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Green goddesses avocado and spinach make an appearance in Nutrition Stripped's Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie, as do tahini and dates for an unexpected touch of savory and sweet.

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Spring Celebration Layered Smoothie

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You probably typically turn to spinach to you smoothies green, but in this Spring Celebration Layered Smoothie recipe, it's romaine lettuce and apples. The ruby red is courtesy of the classic (and oh-so-spring) combo of strawberry and rhubarb. (Wondering what's freshest at the market? Pick up these 10 Fruits and Vegetables In Season During April.)

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Raspberry-Rhubarb Bellini Smoothie

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Rhubarb also makes an appearance in this cocktail-inspired Raspberry-Rhubarb Bellini Smoothie from Half Baked Harvest. A splash of calorie-free club soda (or brunch-appropriate Prosecco! Why not!) help to make this drink bubbly and light.

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Skinny Pineapple Smoothie

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While you're used to seeing the showy tropical fruits in supermarkets year-round, pineapples are naturally sweet and most tasty in April and May. A scoop of Greek yogurt gives Creme de la Crumb's low-calorie Skinny Pineapple Smoothie plenty of protein—and staying power.

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Spring Awakening Smoothie Bowl

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Prefer to scoop rather than sip? Give Will Frolic for Food's Spring Awakening Smoothie Bowl a go. Cashews, dates and chia seeds give the spoonable smoothie its rich texture. (Obsessed with Instagram-able breakfast bowls? Make these 10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes Under 500 Calories.)

Photo: Will Frolic for Food


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