A whole new reason to head to happy hour—unless it's too good to be true...

By Macaela Mackenzie
April 25, 2016

Chances are, you have a love/hate relationship with happy hour. The occasional cocktail is awesome, but overdoing it always makes you feel bad (both literally and figuratively). But what if there was a boozy beverage you could actually feel good about drinking?

That's how new gin brand Anti-a Gin wants you to start thinking. The distillers claim their gin can actually reverse the signs of aging as you sip. According to the brand, Anti-a Gin is the "alcoholic equivalent to a facial." Say what? (In other strange skin news, There's a "Yoga for Your Face" Facial.)

The 40 percent-proof beverage is distilled with pure collagen (the firming protein that helps to keep your skin smooth and supple) and also contains a blend of chamomile, tea tree oil, and other ingredients thought to act as mini-fountains of youth.

So if this sounds too good to be true, is it? Probably. It's true that collagen, which your body produces naturally, fights common signs of aging. And there have even been studies finding that ingesting collagen (like through a supplement or beverage) rather than injecting it at a trip to the derm, can help keep skin youthful.

But whether or not you'd still see those benefits when the collagen is ingested along with alcohol (which, by the way, actually accelerates signs of aging like wrinkles) still needs to be specifically studied.

The bottom line: Hit the brakes before you make this your new spa water; alcohol is still alcohol. Of course, there's no shame in drinking here and there (try one of these 11 New Cocktail Recipes), but don't cancel your dermatologist appointment in favor of happy hour.