Because traditional cups of coffee are so overrated.

By Faith Brar
May 22, 2017

Just because you have a deep obsession for two different things, doesn't always mean they pair well together. A cafe in Australia is proving just that by taking people's love for coffee and avocados to new heights by creating an avocado latte: a latte served in the hallowed skin of an avocado. (We'll let that sink in.)

An Instagram video posted by the Melbourne-based Truman Café shows a barista creating this interesting concoction with the caption: "Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo." Since the post was followed by a crying laughing emoji, we assumed it was a joke. But shortly after, another Instagram account, @lickyourphone, known for gramming about food trends, posted another video with steamed milk being poured into the skin of an avocado. "THE AVOLATTE," this user wrote. "Coffee poured into fresh avocado. Would you try it? " So, there's a chance this beverage might turn into a real thing.

Instagram users had conflicting emotions about this so-called trend. While one user thought this was a "new level of wankery," another thought it was a perfect excuse for "a trip to Melbourne."

The avocado latte is the latest of several coffee variations taking over the internet. Last month Starbucks' unicorn frappuccino made everyone's head spin. And then there's pumpkin spice latte waffles and coffee-crusted chicken sandwiches. Our take on the latest latte trend? Probably too inconvenient to have any staying power. (Related: Coffee Smoothie Recipes That Will Give You a Jolt of Caffeine)

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