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Beautiful Pictures of Water That Will Make You Thirsty

Water Porn Pictures to Keep You Cool

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Water is on everyone's mind right now, and not just because of Justin's latest or because it's hot AF outside. There's also the fact that a newly published study in the Annals of Family Medicine found an association between drinking too little water and obesity. This isn't the first evidence between dehydration and weight gain either. Other research has shown that not drinking enough agua can mess with your hunger cues, making you think you're ravenous when really you just need more of the wet stuff. (One of the reasons drinking water solves any problem.)

Drinking water still feel like a chore? We gathered up Instagram posts that are sure to make you thirsty.

Photo: Shutterstock

Beachy Bottle

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Matching your water bottle to the white beach sand—pro level hydration.

Photo: Instagram/@mybkr

Inspired Infusion

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Photo: Instagram/@rosendahlcph

Blueberries and Bubbles

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Sparkling water is water too! Spice it up with some frozen blueberries and citrus.

Photo: Instagram/@rosendahlcph

A Punch of Fruit

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Photo: Instagram/@detoxwater

Put the Lime in the Wide-Mouth Bottle

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Drop Bottles come with a handy infuser so you don't get a mouthful of fruit—in this case, strawberry and lime—every time you take a sip (unless you want that).

Photo: Instagram/@dropbottle

Chic Sip

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The slim shape of the Memo Bottle makes it easy to tuck into your (color-coordinated) bag.

Photo: Instagram/@memobottle

Waterfall, Water-full

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Something about this pic makes us thirsty for an entire waterfall's worth of water.

Photo: Instagram/@swellbottle

Rainbow Water

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Color us thirsty

Photo: Instagram/@vossworld

Simple and Slick

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Don't you just want to dive in?

Photo: Instagram/@swellbottle

Smarter Filter

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This Soma filter setup is making us double-think our fridge filter.

Photo: Instagram/@somawater

Berry Badass

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Add a ton of raspberries for a tart, thirst-quenching drink.

Photo: Instagram/@the_mj_cures


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