The Best ALDI Wines, According to Superfans

Don't just grab any random vino off the shelf. Instead, load your cart with one of these best ALDI wines.

The Best ALDI Wines for an At-Home Happy Hour, According to the Store’s Superfans
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Along with its wicked-fast checkout lines and easy-to-navigate stores, ALDI is beloved for its cheap, yet incredibly delicious, eats. What often flies under the radar, though, is that the supermarket chain is also a goldmine for affordable wines.

As you remember all too well from your early 20s, not all cheap wine is good wine. To ensure you don't pick a bottle that tastes like grape juice infused with rubbing alcohol, Shape tapped the people behind some of ALDI's biggest fan accounts for the best ALDI wines — and their picks didn't disappoint. So the next time you hit up the supermarket, zip over to the wine section and grab one (or six) bottles of these must-have vinos.

The Best Aldi Wines, Picked by Heather Mills of @allineedisaldi

ALDI Mimosas

Yes, homemade mimosas aren't that complicated to concoct, but if you're looking to free up some fridge space, this premixed bevvie is your solution. The bottled mimosa is a blend of dry white wine and freshly squeezed orange juice, and while it's not overly sweet like others on the market, you can easily cut it with some extra Prosecco, says Mills. Bonus: The supermarket also carries it in pineapple and pomegranate flavors, says Mills, so brunch never has to feel basic.

Merry & Bright Wine Advent Calendar

If you want a taste of all the best ALDI wines, you'll need to get your hands on this advent calendar, which features 24 mini bottles of 12 different wines. "Every night is a surprise wine, and it pairs perfectly with a little cheese or an after-dinner dessert," says Mills. But be warned: In 2018, the first year they were sold in the U.S., the calendars sold out within minutes at many stores. "These are a super popular item, and true ALDI nerds know you have to line up early to snag one," she adds. (Don't worry, you can still grab one of these beauty advent calendars if all else fails.)

Belletti Prosecco

Of all the best ALDI wines available, Mills says this Italian option is "by far" her favorite for a sparkling white option. "It's not too sweet, and it's a super affordable option for Prosecco," she says. The bubbly vino has notes of peach, pear, apple peel, and lemon zest, according to the supermarket chain, making it a perfect drink for a girl's night or a boozy brunch (avocado toast included), adds Mills. "[I've] even paired it with popsicles for a fun adult summer dessert," she says.

Zarita Margarita Wine Cocktail

This margarita may not have any tequila, but trust, you won't miss it one bit. Available in lime and strawberry flavors, this best ALDI wine cocktail combines agave, lime juice, and, of course, vino to create a beverage with a 13.9 percent ABV. "I like to bring it to the beach as a refreshing cocktail with some chips and guac or serve it with your favorite Taco Tuesday meal," says Mills.

The Best Aldi Wines, Picked by Courtney of @adventuresinaldi

Winking Owl Moscato

With notes of citrus, apricot, and peach, this best ALDI wine offers plenty of sweetness, but it's not so sweet that you'll feel like you're drinking straight-up sugar water, says Courtney. Sip on the California-grown Moscato while noshing on a spicy meal or nibbling on cheese to balance out the flavors.

Winking Owl Sangria

This Winking Owl Sangria may not be as fresh as the kind you down on a hot summer night in Spain, but it'll satisfy the craving.This best ALDI wine features notes of red fruits and a hint of citrus, and it pairs perfectly with seafood or grilled veggies, according to the supermarket's website. Trick all your party guests into thinking you whipped up the Sangria from scratch by pouring the ALDI wine into a pitcher and topping it with slices of peaches, pears, pineapple, and orange.

Giambellino Peach Bellini

If you can't force yourself to sip one more mimosa at brunch, ditch your OJ and champagne for this premixed peach Bellini. The best ALDI wine offers the same fizz, fresh peach flavor, and melon color as homemade Bellinis, without the fuss and mess that comes with pureeing the fruit. Plus, the drink, which originated in Germany, earned a gold medal from the Beverage Testing Institute, one of the leading wine reviewers in the U.S.

The Best ALDI Wines, Picked by Ashley Williams of @ohheyaldi

Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty

Who said you have to choose between wine and dessert? This sweet drink is a blend of red wine, dark chocolate flavor, and cream, and when poured into a cup with ice cream, makes for a delicious boozy float, says Williams. Talk about a stress-free (and tasty) way to use up any leftover vino.

Winking Owl White Zinfandel

In case you couldn't tell from the number of Winking Owl mentions on this list of the best ALDI wines, the brand is a cult-favorite among shoppers, many of whom particularly love the White Zinfandel, says Williams. The vino offers cranberry and watermelon flavors, as well as hints of strawberry and cherry that make it taste like summer in a bottle.

Connelly's Original Country Cream

Okay, this drink may not technically be wine, but it deserves to make an appearance on this list of best ALDI wines. The reason: "It's a dead ringer for its name-brand counterpart — Bailey's Irish Cream," says Williams. The Country Cream has a 13.9 percent ABV (roughly 3 percent less than the OG drink), originates from Ireland, and can be sipped straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in with coffee. There are no wrong answers with this nightcap.

Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon

If you're looking for a red vino that has a more complex flavor profile, turn to this best ALDI wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in charred bourbon barrels, which gives the drink rich, toasted vanilla notes, and smells like ripe black cherries and dried herbs. Settle next to the fireplace with this beverage and a good book, and you've got yourself a cozy self-care night at home.

The Best ALDI Wines, Picked By Angel of @charmedbyaldi

Fruity Haze Raspberry Zinfandel Rosé

If you're a wine newbie who currently prefers their alcohol to taste like spiked juice, this best ALDI wine is for you. The German rosé is infused with raspberry flavor and tastes like a blend of cherry jam and orange juice, according to the Beverage Testing Institute. And since it has a 6 percent ABV, the vino is ideal for sipping at get-togethers where you don't want to get smashed after two drinks. (

In the Pink PINK Moscato

This best ALDI wine gives off major Mean Girls vibes with its label's bold "PINK" lettering, and there's no doubt Gretchen Weiner would call it fetch. The sweet Moscato tastes like a blend of strawberries, melon, and other tropical fruits. It originates from South Africa and has a 7 percent ABV — much lower than other wines on the market. The vino's biggest selling point, however, is its enormous size; the wine is sold in a 1.5-liter bottle, which is equal to two standard bottles of wine.

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