The 5 Best Personal Blenders Under $50, According to Shape Product Testers

Shape’s product testers put top-rated designs from Magic Bullet, Hamilton Beach, and Frigidaire through five challenges — and only these picks made the cut.

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The Best Personal Blenders to Make Single-Serve Smoothies — All Under $50
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Boosting your fruit and veggie intake is no easy feat. There's only so much steaming, roasting, and chopping that one person can take. Luckily, adding a fiber-packed smoothie to your diet is an easy way to up your plant consumption. The nutritious beverages are the perfect breakfast, post-workout snack, or afternoon pick-me-up — but not everyone wants to drop $10 on one at their local smoothie shop.

A money-saving alternative is adding a personal blender to your kitchen lineup. These single-serve designs differ from standard blenders because they come with a blender jar that doubles as a cup when detached. This streamlines the cleanup process and helps more accurately measure ingredients to guarantee taste and reduce food waste. Plus, it's possible to find one that crushes ices, blends frozen fruit, and pulverizes greens for less than $50.

These are the best personal blenders under $50, according to product tests:

Get the most bang for your buck with this 8-piece set, which includes three blender cups and a 250-watt motor for less than $50.

A vibrant neon water bottle doubles as a blender jar for the perfect gym companion for just $25.

A noise-blocking shield blocks the sound of the powerful 800-watt motor slicing through frozen fruit.

An affordable play on Smeg's retro-style appliances, this personal blender is all about aesthetics with a durable glass Mason jar taking the place of a standard plastic cup.

Save space by opting for this lightweight, USB-charged option that combines a water bottle and blender into a single device.

The Testing Set-Up

Making the cut for product testing required each blender to hit three criteria: rave reviews from online shoppers (or Shape's own e-commerce writers), an under-$50 price point, and classification as a personal blender. That means the device skips the pitchers common with traditional blenders for a blending jar that doubles as your drinking cup. Popular brands like Nutribullet, Ninja Kitchen, and Beast were knocked out of the running by these requirements, but it kept the final selections similar in size, price, and power aka around 300 watts.

Altogether, the team selected seven blenders for testing — and only five made the final list. Their selection was based on a performance during five product tests, which included mixing a fruit smoothie with seeded foods like blackberries and blending a green smoothie packed with fibrous celery and spinach. Less conventional tests were also attempted, like crushing up to six ounces of ice, dropping the closed blender jar off a 3-foot counter for durability, and chopping ingredients for salsa. (FYI, these tests provided mixed results with many motors failing to pulverize ice and over-processing ingredients to create an ultra smooth salsa.)

What to Look for In a Blender:

Finding the right blender for you depends on a few factors. Along with the power of the blender, it's important to keep in mind how you'll use the device. Elaborate recipes loaded with antioxidant-packed ingredients may need a bigger blending cup, while other features work better for someone always on-the-go. Here are the team's top suggestions:

  • Motor size: Blenders under $50 often have less powerful motors with less than 1,000 watts. This impacts the speed of the device and can make it harder to slice through frozen ingredients. Opt for a higher wattage for a better blend.
  • Jar size: Although brands label designs as personal, the term is unregulated (like clean beauty). Their blending cups can vary in size with some allowing just 12 ounces. Make note of the container size before committing, or you'll end up halving all your favorite recipes — or making them twice.
  • Settings: Skipping extra features can help you save money, but it can also make your new device less useful. Options to pulse or set timers are worth the extra splurge for anyone with a chaotic schedule.

How to Clean Your Blender:

The compact design of personal blenders makes them easier to clean than standard designs with giant pitchers. In fact, most models let you blend soap and water directly in the jar — but always read the instruction manual for the brands' complete care instructions. Another way to save time? Look for options with dishwasher-safe pieces.

Best Overall: Magic Bullet


What you'll love: A variety of blending cups and attachments make it easy to tackle different recipes.

Keep in mind: You'll get smoothest blends in the line-up, but the motor gives off a burning scent during use.

Motor Size: 250 watts

The Magic Bullet earned the highest score from the test team thanks to its performance during the smoothie tests. The cross-blade design worked the best to blend through frozen fruit chunks and power through greens, though testers found a few celery chunks in the green smoothie. Already trusted by more than 47,000 Amazon shoppers, it also chops, whips, and grinds ingredients without taking up too much counter or cabinet space. Save even more room by downsizing to the Magic Bullet Mini — but know you'll miss out on the larger drinking cups and travel lid included with the full-sized option. Full disclosure: The 250-watt motor struggled to crush ice but performed similarly to other designs in this price range.

Best Bottle: Oster MyBlender Personal Blender


What you'll love: The sleek blending jar transforms into the perfect sports water bottle with a slim footprint that fits into cup holders.

Keep in mind: The bold base only comes in neon colors and the travel lid popped open during the durability test.

Motor Size: 250 watts

Testers were "pleasantly surprised" by this Oster blender, which performed well in both smoothie tests. Its 250-watt motor created a powerful vortex that pulled ingredients towards the blends, so the bottle didn't need to be shaken mid-blend. While it barely crushed through ice — and emitted a burning smell during the attempt — it overperformed for an under-$25 price point during other tests. Luckily, it has a built-in safety feature that resets the motor after 15 minutes if it overheats.

Most Powerful: Hamilton Beach Power Blender with Sound Shield


What you'll love: The sound shield minimizes noise when blending or pulsing.

Keep in mind: The larger motors and sound shield take up more counter space and make it harder to store.

Motor Size: 800 watts

A powerful motor means an early morning blend is more likely to wake up your housemates. Hamilton Beach counteracts this by adding a sound shield to the design, which ensures it emits less noise. Testers used the pulse button for the fruit smoothies, rather than the blend setting, and found it took more than 20 pulses to get the right consistency. Swapping to the blend setting for the green smoothie saved time and led to a silkier consistency. FYI, the 800-watt motor may be stronger, but it still only crushed half of the ice.

Best Design: Frigidaire Retro Smoothie Maker


What you'll love: The sleek design is a fun addition to any space with an optional glass blending jar replacing plastic alternatives.

Keep in mind: A lever has to be held down throughout the duration of blending, so there's no multitasking.

Motor Size: 300 watts

Add in all the bananas, mangos, and berries your heart desires; this retro machine packs enough power to blend through your favorite frozen fruits. Fresh greens and veggies will leave a slight gritty texture, but it's easily forgiven by how adorably this 60s-inspired model works within your space. In fact, testers felt it looked the most luxurious in the lineup — an effect elevated by the glass mason blending jar — and loved that it came in both black and white. Also great: a lightweight plastic blending cup option with a sports lid for active busy bodies wanting a more portable option.

Best Portable: BlendJet 2


What you'll love: A simple push of a button lets you blend anywhere with this rechargeable design — and it's quiet enough for the office.

Keep in mind: Power is sacrificed for portability, so the blades can't slice through frozen ice or fruit as well as other designs.

Motor Size: 4000 mAh

An innovative design earns this portable blender a top spot despite its less powerful motor. The ability to blend, drink, and clean the 16-ounce jar anywhere is appealing for busy bodies constantly on the go. While the brand advertises a 20-second blend cycle to crush through ice and frozen fruits, our testers found it needed slightly longer to break through ice chunks — and they found a few leftover frozen berries in the final blend. Rather than discounting the pick altogether, they agreed changing the order of the ingredients and reducing liquid could help blend the frozen chunks better by allowing them to get dragged into the vortex of the 6-point blade better. Even better? It arrives charged and comes in 19 colorways. (Editor's Note: The BlendJet 2 costs $100 on the website but is always marked down to $50.)

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