The 14 Best Shaker Bottles, According to Customer Reviews

These affordable shakers will leave your drink clump-free.

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Between pre-workout drinks, coffee mixed with collagen, and protein powder shakes, adding a scoop of your favorite supplement to your drink is an easy way to get more nutrients into your diet. A good shaker bottle makes things even more convenient by allowing you to mix things up on the go — but choose the wrong one, and you risk finding yourself with a clumpy mess or a bottle that starts smelling pretty funky over time.

On the hunt for a shaker bottle that's durable, made of quality materials, and won't break the bank? Below, the 14 best affordable shaker bottles that will blend your ingredients to silky-smooth perfection, all with a proud following of enthusiastic reviewers that stand behind them.

The Best Shaker Bottles:

Best Overall: BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

With more than 43,000 reviewers giving the BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle a five-star rating, this is a clear go-to if you're looking for a shaker bottle to fit all your needs. It comes with a wire whisk ball (exclusive to BlenderBottle's brand) that smooths out clumps in just a few shakes and a snap-shut lid that won't leak. Compared to other picks, reviewers love that BlenderBottle's classic shaker doesn't hold onto any flavors or smells after washing. Best of all: The price tag puts it among the cheapest options of all the recommendations listed here.

Buy It: BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, $10,

Best Stainless Steel: Contigo Shake & Go Fit

Contigo Shake & Go Fit THERMALOCK Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle,

You'll have to hand wash this shaker, but the stainless steel exterior of Contigo's Shake & Go Fit means no slippery condensation, even in extreme temps, which is totally worth the extra effort. It features volume markings on the inside and outside so you can make sure your protein-to-water ratio is just right, and once you're done shaking, the double-walled vacuum insulation will keep your drink chilled for up to 12 hours. The shaker bottle has an impressive 4.6-star rating on Amazon and more than 1,000 glowing reviews highlighting its leak-proof design, clump-fighting metal ball, and easy-to-clean material.

Buy It: Contigo Shake & Go Fit Thermalock Stainless Steel Shake, $14 (was $20),

Best Electric: Promixx Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

PROMiXX Battery Powered Shaker Bottle

For the smoothest drinks, an electric shaker bottle is the way to go. Reviewers who are extra-picky about clumps in their protein drinks swear by this portable battery-powered option from Promixx. With the push of a button, the Promixx's "vortex" feature activates, whirring your ingredients to a lump-free and super smooth consistency in five seconds flat. When it's time to clean up, just spin some warm water with a drop of detergent. According to reviewers at Target, who have given this electric shaker bottle a 4.3-star rating, it produces incredibly smooth shakes and runs on a quiet motor.

Buy It: Promixx Battery Powered Shaker Bottle, $23,

Best 2-in-1: Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle

Hydra Cup - 36oz High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle

Hydra Cup's unique dual shaker is divided into a 14-ounce compartment and a 22-ounce compartment for when you want two separate drinks. Reviewers love that they can stash their water on one side and their pre-workout drink on the other without having to lug two bottles in their bag. Plus, the bottle's flip caps stay snug, so you don't have to worry about your drinks mixing or leaking. The bottle has 4.5 stars and hundreds of glowing reviews on Amazon, and it's no wonder why: One customer said they "dropped a full bottle once on the cement floor while walking and the thing held up like a champ."

Buy It: Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle, from $10,

Best Glass: Ello Splendid Glass Shaker

Shaker Bottle

Plastic bottles can cling onto the taste and smell of past drinks, making a glass bottle a great option to avoid a stinky shaker. Ello's Splendid Glass Shaker comes with a silicone sleeve that offers a more secure grip and helps prevent chips and cracks, as well as measurement markings so you can easily tell how much liquid you have. The BPA-free glass is thick enough to handle ice-filled drinks, durable enough that it won't shatter when dropped, and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Amazon shoppers have given this bottle a 4.5-star rating and shared that it's surprisingly quiet and durable. Many were also happy to report that they hadn't run into any unpleasant smells since making the switch to glass from plastic.

Buy It: Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle, $15,

Best for Travel: ShakeSphere Tumbler Shaker Bottle

ShakeSphere Tumbler: Protein Shaker Bottle

It's triple the price of some shakers on the market, but ShakeSphere's claim to fame is its ability to smooth even the lumpiest drinks in just 15 shakes. The creators say its capsule shape allows the bottle to mix supplements, vitamins, powders, liquids, and even fruits better than its competitors. This is also what makes it so travel-friendly and portable. "As soon as it arrived, I decided to put in the most clumpy cocktail I could think of into this little guy," explained one reviewer, who is one of thousands of Amazon shoppers to give the bottle a five-star rating. "One heaping scoop of whey protein, two tablespoons of psyllium husk, two tablespoons of PBfit, and a banana. Gave it a shake 15 times like in the video, and yep, absolutely no clumping." The fan-favorite shaker bottle is also available in sleek gray and rose gold.

Buy It: ShakeSphere Tumbler, $21,

Best Without Blending Ball: Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle

Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle 28oz | No Blending Ball

If you tend to misplace the blending ball that comes in your traditional shaker or would prefer not to have another part to clean, the Helimix Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle is a no-brainer. The helix shape of the bottle is designed to mimic the rotation of a blender as you shake it up and down, leaving you with a silky, clump-free drink. The plastic is shatter-proof and odor-resistant, so you won't have to worry about any lingering smells. Thousands of happy customers have left the bottle a five-star rating on Amazon. "The quality, design, and durability of this bottle are unmatched," one reviewer wrote. "There is no need of messing around with cleaning a traditional mixing ball, which is a huge plus. I use this for creatine and whey protein and it is thoroughly mixed every time."

Buy It: Helimix Vortex Blender, $20 (was $25),

Best Insulated: BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle C02090 Stanless Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle's Radian Insulated Shaker Bottle will keep your drink cold for a full 24 hours (longer than any other shaker bottle here) thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation. Thousands of reviewers love that they can blend their drink before heading to the gym and it's just as chilled hours later. The stainless steel bottle, which has more than 6,000 five-star ratings, comes in seven colors and, like all BlenderBottles, is BPA-free and won't stain or hold onto odors. Reviewers love that it has a handle and that its exterior doesn't collect condensation or create opportunities for spills.

Buy It: BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Shaker Bottle, $20 (was $25),

Best Oversized: Huracan Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle

The removable mixer is nestled in the lid of the Huracan 36-Ounce Shaker Bottle, so unlike blender balls, it doesn't noisily rattle around as you shake. On top of loving the insulated stainless steel bottle, which has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, reviewers also raved about Huracan's top-notch customer service. The bottle isn't as durable when it comes to falls, but multiple people said the company sent them a free replacement lid after theirs broke from being dropped.

Buy It: Huracan Shaker Bottle, $40,

Best Leak-Proof: BlenderBottle SportMixer Shaker

BlenderBottle SportMixer Twist Cap Tritan Grip Shaker Bottle

With a foldaway loop and a textured grip, the BlenderBottle's SportMixer Shaker is made for long runs or workouts on the go. It comes with BlenderBottle's signature wire whisk and is available in 20-ounce and 28-ounce options. The feature that wows most reviewers, however, is the twist-on cap backed by a leak-proof guarantee, which explains its impressive 4.8-star Amazon rating. "It is easy to fill with a wide mouth that makes it simple to scoop protein powder into, the little blender ball drops in easily, and it works pretty well," said one reviewer. "No clumping of powder and it ends up smoothly mixed without much work... it doesn't leak and I have carried it in my backpack without any concerns."

Buy It: BlenderBottle SportMixer Shaker, $13,

Best with Compartments: BlenderBottle ProStak System

BlenderBottle C01719 ProStak System

BlenderBottle's ProStak System is the obvious choice if you prefer not to mix your drink ahead of time. The system comes with two twist-and-lock jars that attach to the bottle and hold up to 5 fluid ounces, as well as a removable pill organizer that locks into the lid. You'll also get BlenderBottle's signature wire whisk that leaves your drink clump-free. It's so good that it's earned more than 10,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. "I can carry my protein powder in one little container attachment and either a supplement powder in the other or a snack, and it has a perfect little container for my supplement pills," one happy customer shared, adding that it's "easy to clean, shuts tight, and I've never had a problem with it leaking. Very durable material, a lot more durable than my other shaker cups I have."

Buy It: BlenderBottle ProStak System, $14,

Best Value Set: Utopia Shaker Bottle Pack

Shaker Bottle

Never be without your favorite shaker bottle again thanks to this value set from Utopia. For as little as $12, you get two premium 700-milliliter bottles, each built with a secure screw lid, a convenient handle, a clump-breaking whisk ball, and a spacious storage compartment. In the event that your protein powder drink isn't silky-smooth, the bottles also have a filter feature that prevents clumps and residue from getting inside the mouthpiece. Amazon shoppers have given the pack more than 5,000 five-star ratings; reviewers love the durability, color variety, and leak-proof design.

Buy It: Utopia Shaker Bottle Pack, from $12,

Best with Motivational Quote: Gomoyo Smartshake Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle

This stylish shaker bottle from Gomoyo provides a big gulp of inspiration whether you're headed to the gym, to the office, or out for errands. Aside from its motivational quote, the highly-rated bottle also comes with a sleek compartment to store protein powder, snacks, and supplements. It's got a leak-proof lid and a filter to keep protein shake clumps in the bottle and not in your mouth. Reviewers that gave it five stars said that it blends better than bottles with metal balls and applauded how tight the lid is. For some, the bottle's carrying clip is their favorite feature.

Buy It: Gomoyo Smartshake Shaker Bottle, $14,

Best with Straw: BlenderBottle V2 Classic Bottle with Straw

Shaker Bottle

The BlenderBottle V2 Classic Bottle makes sure you've always got a straw on hand. This one has a comfort tip and can be used to stir your drink, and you can store it inside the bottle when not in use. The V2 also has a leak-proof seal and an innovative SpoutGuard to keep germs at bay, plus a stainless steel whisk ball that can tackle any ingredient. And since it's got a wide mouthpiece, you can add powder, fruit, liquids, and supplements directly into the bottle. Target shoppers have given the V2 Bottle a 4.7-star rating and love how secure and durable it is."It's great for protein powder or smoothies," one reviewer said. "It keeps everything mixed together really well."

Buy It: BlenderBottle V2 Classic Bottle with Straw, $13,

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