How would you like to order a cappuccino with your face staring back at you in the foam?

By Faith Brar

If you haven't heard, the coolest selfies these days come in the form of a caffeinated beverage. Conveniently dubbing them "Selfieccinos," a café in London called the Tea Terrace is now imposing your favorite selfie onto the foam of a coffee drink. (Related: These Works of Latte Art Look Almost Too Pretty to Drink)

Believe it or not, the seemingly complicated process is actually quite simple, reports Grub Street. After ordering your drink, all you have to do is upload your selfie onto Tea Terrace's official app and a barista will create your custom drink.

While the process takes about four minutes, the drink will only set you back $7.60, which isn't that much more than your usual grande-so it's definitely worth the wait. Plus, except for some natural food coloring, the drink is apparently just like a regular latte.

It goes without saying that the beverage is making waves on Instagram, with hundreds of people posting pictures of their selfie drinks. "The prettiest coffee ever," one person wrote.

"Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted," said Ehab Salem Shouly, owner of the Tea Terrace, to Reuters about the drink's popularity. "It's not enough anymore to just deliver great food and great service-it's got to be Instagram worthy."

Introducing the "Selfieccino" has been unsurprisingly great for business as well-Shouly says he's sold 400 custom drinks since the launch last Saturday. To get a better idea of the cool process, watch the video below:

While this brilliant milk foam technology has yet to make its way over to the U.S., this might be the perfect excuse to book a ticket and take a trip across the pond.


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