Cameron Diaz's New Clean Wine Brand Is Making Happy Hours Healthier

Created by Diaz and her friend Katherine Power, Avaline is giving consumers clean, organically produced wines they can feel good about drinking.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power
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Cameron Diaz loves a good wine. But she had never really thought about what's in it until a few years ago, when she and her pal Katherine Power were hanging out on her patio enjoying a glass. "We thought it was weird that there was no ingredients list," says Power, the cofounder of the fashion brand Who What Wear and its skin-care line, Versed.

The pair decided to learn about wine making, and they soon realized "there could be additives in there," says Diaz. That's when their idea for Avaline — a clean wine brand with few ingredients, which are listed on the label — was born. A white (Buy it, $18,, a rosé (Buy it, $18,, and a red have all been released this year.

While there's no certification or regulatory body for "clean" wines, most are grown organically and without synthetic pesticides, produced without (or with fewer) additives, synthetic chemicals, or added sugar, and are made vegan-friendly — qualities you can find in Diaz and Power's vino. Here, the entrepreneurial duo explains their passion.

What exactly is clean wine — and why is it a priority for you?

Diaz: "For us, clean starts in the vineyard with organic grapes, organic farming, and the fewest ingredients necessary. Transparency is also important. We want our consumer to know what's in there and what isn't."

Power: "We're both pretty passionate about living balanced, healthy lives. We felt compelled to make something for people like us who love wine and are very conscious about what they put in their bodies."


What is your favorite time to pour yourselves a glass?

Diaz: "At the end of the day, after bedtime for my baby, when everything is quiet and I'm getting ready to make dinner. I always have a glass while cooking dinner, and I just wind down." (BTW, here's how to use up your leftover wine — if you don't want to drink it.)

Power: "In the fall we'll sit on Cameron's covered porch and drink our red wine, listening to jazz. We also like to call our girlfriends for a splash. That's like a weekend holler — to meet up for a splash. Now, in the age of COVID-19, it's a distance hang with some girlfriends in the backyard or the driveway. Or we'll do a Zoom happy hour."

Are there foods you think pair perfectly?

Diaz: "Don't even get me started on cheese. We have seriously destroyed some good charcuterie and cheese plates with our wine. And pasta — I love a light garlic pasta with a white wine. I make a white wine garlic sauce with our wine."

What do you eat to stay healthy and energized these days?

Diaz: "All I do now is cook — pretty much every meal. I love to cook. That's a little known fact. My most confident place is in the kitchen. In the morning I make a berry-cocoa protein shake. It energizes me for the day without giving me the jitters, like coffee. In the afternoon, I usually cook a little fish and some veggies. And I make big, yummy meals in the evening with clean protein, like free-range beef or chicken, and delicious vegetables. I make a lot of salads with fresh vegetables. But I also love frozen broccoli florets, steamed with garlic and a squeeze of lemon, as an afternoon snack."

How are your workouts going now that you have a baby daughter?

Diaz: "I'm in new-mom mode, so I have very little time to myself. I do 'weight lifting' — and my weight gains about an ounce every day! I've got mom arms that can hold 15 pounds for an hour in a curled position. I do a lot of sumo squats with her. My arms and legs are super fit now from all the mom squats and mom curls." (

Was it tricky to start a business as friends?

Diaz: "We just flowed. Katherine is an amazing entrepreneur, and I so respect that strength. In the alcohol business, we learned that there are 4,000 roadblocks you have to figure out how to navigate. I feel like we had fun doing that."

Power: "We're both problem solvers. Ultimately, this came from a personal need, which is usually where great businesses start. Cameron and I shared a mission, and we have great skills that complement one another."

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