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Champagne Ice Cubes Just Seriously Upgraded Your Brunch Mimosas

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Yay, you're entertaining! Brunch is the best. Champagne ice cubes are a genius way to fancify your mimosas. Here's how to make 'em happen.

What you need: An ice cube tray and a bottle of your finest Champagne (Prosecco also works)

What you do: Pour the Champagne evenly into the ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight (or for six hours, at least). Come brunch, pop the effervescent cubes in your OJ or grapefruit juice and serve.

Keep in mind: After you freeze them, they won't be as rock solid as regular cubes and they might not fizz as much as a direct pour of Champagne. But they taste just as good as the real deal. Plus, they're pretty and delicate and fun.

This article originally appeared on PureWow.

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