Certain parts of the blue tequila plant can promote the absorption of essential nutrients, according to a new study

OK, we'll admit it: No matter what our current fitness goals, we're never going to be happy about the idea of cutting out #MargMondays. And thanks to a new study (yay, science!) not only can we stop feeling guilty about the occasional tequila-based beverage, we can actually feel good about it. (Behold: 10 Skinny Margaritas for Guilt-Free Sipping.)

Researchers from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico looked at the potential benefits of the traditional alcohol and the blue variety of agave tequilana, the raw plant used to make it.

To test how the fructans found in the plant would impact bone health, the researchers gave two groups of mice blue agave for eight weeks and then measured their bone health. The first group of mice entered the study with normal bone health, but the second suffered from osteoporosis-a condition that causes your bones to deteriorate and become weak as you get older.

They found that consuming the blue agave seriously helped with the absorption of calcium and magnesium-two nutrients essential to building better bones. And not only did it give the healthy mice stronger bones, it also helped to build back bone mass in the mice with osteoporosis. (Did you know yoga also has some serious bone-boosting benefits?)

There was one slight caveat to the findings: The process of nutrient absorption only occurs when you have a healthy intestinal microbiome-i.e., you eat a healthy balanced diet and have a healthy ecosystem of bacteria in your gut. (See 6 Ways Your Microbiome Affects Your Health.)

In other words, the super unhealthy practice of bingeing on tequila shots every night isn't going to do your bones any good, but the occasional marg is something you can actually put under the "healthy" column. Just make sure what you're drinking is made from 100 percent agave-consider this your excuse to splurge on the Patrón.