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Cute Mugs That Will Make You Wanna Get Your Tea On

T2 Tea Moroccan Tealeidoscope Blue Mug

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This beautiful and eye-catching pattern will have you reaching for this mug first thing every morning. Bonus: It comes with its own perfectly fit tea infuser. ($31;

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Photo: T2 Tea

Paper Source Hello Beautiful Mug

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This mug is like a friendly reminder every day: You're beautiful no matter what. ($15;

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Photo: Paper Source

The Created Co. Get Outside Mug

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Could there be a more perfect mug for outdoor lovers? Whether it's hiking, biking, skiing, or kayaking, you'll feel ready to conquer your active day when you get your sip on with this one. ($17;

(Need some outdoorsy inspo? We've got you covered with these 10 new outdoor workout ideas.)

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Photo: The Created Co.

David's Tea Frosted Green Ceramic Mason Jar With Infuser

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For the hipster in all of us, this mason-jar-like mug has a fun pop of color and comes with its own infuser for loose tea. Plus, you won't have to worry about spilling everywhere on your way to work. ($23;

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Photo: David's Tea

Jonathan Adler Carnaby Monogrammed Mug

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This colorful geometric mug will brighten up any dull wintry morning, plus the monogram will make it harder for your fam or roommates to "accidentally" use your fav tea cup. ($18;

(If you're curious which teas actually help with weight loss, these five are expert-approved.)

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Photo: Jonathan Adler

Emily McDowell Strangers On the Internet Mug

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It can be tough to avoid getting sucked into all the negative body image stuff that happens on the Internet, so a daily note to compare yourself only to your own progress definitely can't hurt. ($18;

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Photo: Emily McDowell

Anthropologie Mimira Mug

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This sparkly ombré style is just so pretty you won't want to put it down. ($14;

(If you can't get enough of the ombré trend, these trendy ombré workout clothes are going to be right up your alley.)

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Photo: Anthropologie

Urban Outfitters Coming In Hot Mug

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Sad about giving up coffee for tea? This silly mug is sure to make you chuckle when you use it. ($10;

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Photo: Urban Outfitters

Kate Spade Don't Mind If I Do Macaroons Mug

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Because macaroons are the ultimate mood boost. ($20;

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Photo: Bloomingdale's

Maman Ceramic To-Go Cup

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Insulated to keep your bev at the perfect temp, this to-go cup is both pretty and functional. ($20;

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Photo: Maman

Lov Organic Couture Mug

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It's like a cable-knit sweater for your tea. Need we say more? ($15;

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Photo: Lov Organic Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug

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Whether you're the boss at home, a boss at the office, or simply the boss of your body—or all three—this mug will inspire you to take charge and get sh*t done. ($14;

(FYI, how your boss treats you affects your health, so if you supervise people at work, be nice!)

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