Daily Harvest Just Unveiled Its Own Line of Almond "Mylk"

Made with simple ingredients and sold in individual frozen "wedges," the meal delivery service's new non-dairy bevies are shaking up the alt-milk arena.

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Daily Harvest Almond Mylk
Photo: Daily Harvest

Since its groundbreaking launch in 2016, Daily Harvest has been making plant-based eating trouble-free, all by delivering nourishing, veg-forward harvest bowls, flatbreads, and more to homes across the country. And now, the meal delivery service is making it a breeze to embrace the dairy-free side of the lifestyle, too.

Today, Daily Harvest is breaking into the alt-milk sphere with the rollout of Mylk, the brand's own non-dairy milk made solely from ground almonds, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and in the Almond + Vanilla Mylk variety, vanilla bean powder. To keep the ingredient list as short and sweet as can be, Daily Harvest nixed the added sugar, preservatives, emulsifiers, and gums that are commonly found in nut milks.

To further stand out from the competition, Daily Harvest's Mylk is shipped as a package of 16 frozen "wedges," rather than as a shelf-stable or refrigerated liquid in a carton. Since it won't spoil in your tundra-like freezer, you can keep enough Almond Mylk on hand to last you *months* at a time — saving you countless trips to the grocery store. When you're ready for a drink, just pop one wedge in a blender with a half-cup of water and combine until smooth for 4oz of Mylk (or two wedges for 8oz, and so on).

Better yet, throw a wedge and a half-cup of water into a blender with berries and a banana for a creamy smoothie, or add a wedge to your chilled coffee to add a nutty flavor and cool it down without making your drink watery AF. In the wise words of Ina Garten, "how easy is that?"

Cup per cup, Daily Harvest's classic Almond Mylk packs 90 calories, more than double that of other almond milks on the market, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. While that fact may be a bit jarring at first glance, know that Daily Harvest's Mylk's first — and most prominent — ingredient is ground almonds, while other brands have water in the number one spot. And that higher proportion of almonds comes with some health perks: Daily Harvest's Almond Mylk boasts 4g of muscle-building protein per cup — four times the amount found in other brands, per the USDA.

And if sustainability is a driving force for your plant-based eating style, you're in luck: Daily Harvest's Mylk uses transitional organic almonds, meaning the nuts are grown on farmland that's being converted from a conventional to an organic production site. Just by following organic farming practices, producers are cutting the use of pesticides and fertilizers made with fossil fuels, boosting biodiversity, and curbing groundwater pollution, all of which have positive environmental impacts, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Even if you're sold on the nutritional and environmental benefits, the hefty $8 price tag for 16 wedges (which makes a half gallon of Mylk) may leave you with some sticker shock. But considering you can make a single cup of almond milk whenever you please — and not have to worry about an entire carton festering in the fridge and ultimately going down the drain — Daily Harvest's Mylk is well worth the cash.

Daily Harvest’s Almond Mylk
Daily Harvest

Buy It: Daily Harvest's Almond Mylk, $8, daily-harvest.com

Daily Harvest’s Almond + Vanilla Mylk

Buy It: Daily Harvest's Almond + Vanilla Mylk, $8, daily-harvest.com

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