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Diet Strategies: Which Drink Has Fewer Calories?

H2O: Soda Water vs. Tonic Water

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It's a common misconception that tonic water and soda water (or seltzer) are the same thing. You may be shocked to find out that there's a huge difference between the two waters when it comes to calorie counting. Click through to find out the winner of the waters.

Winner: Soda Water

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Fizz check! Tonic water contains 83 calories and 21.5 grams of sugar, while soda water contains zero. That's almost as much calories and sugar in tonic water as a regular cola soda (90 calories; 25g sugar)! Water is not created equal.

Juice Time: Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice

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Do you ever debate over which juice to go with whether you're craving a juicy refreshment for yourself or packing a juice box for your kid? Find out which has fewer calories.

Winner: Apple Juice

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When it comes to this juice box battle, Apple prevails with 107 calories. However, we wouldn't swear off OJ just yet—this fruit juice contender contains 120 calories, not too much more than its apple counterpart.

Hydrators: Sports Drinks vs. Flavored Waters

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Need a thirst quencher after a great workout? Sports drinks and flavored waters are common go-to quenchers, but which has fewer calories?

Winner: Flavored Waters

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One 12oz bottle of flavored water, such as Propel, only contains 15 calories, while sports drinks like Gatorade have about 74 calories and more sugar. Sip on that fact after your next sweat session.

Energizers: Energy Drink vs. Coffee

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Looking for a caffeine fix? While an energy drink or a cup of joe will both give you a nice jolt, which has fewer calories?

Winner: Coffee

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The next time you need an afternoon pick-me-up, consider the following: one cup of black coffee only has two calories, while a can of popular energy drink Red Bull (8.5oz) contains 113 calories (and 27.5g of sugar!). A little java might be your best bet.

Café Picks: Coffee vs. Tea

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Coffee break or teatime? Let us help you decide between these two favorites—find out which has fewer calories.

Winner: Tie

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Coffee lovers and tea drinkers, you're in luck! Both options are close to zero calories. Choose your preference and be aware of the calories from additions—such as milk, cream or sugar—to these calorie-free drinks.

Coffee Shop Choices: Cappuccino vs. Latte

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If you're hankering for an espresso-laden beverage, there are several options, such as cappuccinos and lattes and other drinks you can't pronounce. But which coffee shop favorite reigns when it comes to calories?

Winner: Cappuccino

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The next time you hit up a coffee shop, the cappuccino is the clear lower calorie winner with 40 calories in a 12oz serving with non-fat milk. A tall non-fat latte contains 100 calories, and that's without syrups, sweeteners and sugar.

Party Favorites: Wine vs. Champagne

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Whether you're enjoying an aperitif or partying the night away, find out which party drink favorite has fewer calories.

Winner: Champagne

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What's the calorie buzz? Bubbles take the cake with 78 calories per serving/glass of champagne, while wines (red or white) have approximately 115-130 calories per serving.

Happy Hour: Beer vs. Wine

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Looking for some calorie control at your next happy hour? Find out how beer stacks up next to wine—which has fewer calories?

Winner: Wine

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Wine aficionados rejoice! A glass of red or white wine (115-130) has fewer calories than a glass of many types of beers (110-150 calories). Keep in mind that calorie counts vary for different types of beer and wine, and portion control is important, especially when wine is typically served in smaller servings than beer. Plus, most "light" beers are between 95 to 110 calories.

Soda Machine: Coke vs. Sprite

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The next time you're at the vending machine trying to decide between carbonated drinks, knowing calories might sway you towards one option. Pop quiz: which has fewer calories, a refreshing cola or its lemon-lime counterpart?

Winner: Coke

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A can of Coke is 90 calories, while a can of Sprite is a whopping 142 calories. Cola is the clear winner. Surprised?

Milk: Skim Milk vs. Soy Milk

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Ever wonder if there's much of a caloric difference between skim milk and soy milk? Find out which has fewer calories.

Winner: Skim Milk

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Good news for the lactose-tolerant, a cup of skim milk is 91 calories and a cup of soy milk is 100 calories. We wouldn't cut out soy milk just yet—both milks have their individual health benefits.

Milk Alternatives: Almond Milk vs. Rice Milk

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Alternative milk drinkers: Trying to decide between almond milk or rice milk? Let us help you out with these surprising calorie facts—find out which has fewer calories.

Winner: Almond Milk

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Nuts win over grains this time around. A cup of many brands of almond milk is only 60 calories while a cup of many versions of rice milk will set you back 120 calories.

Blended Favorites: 16oz Smoothie vs. 16oz Frappuccino

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Those warm, sunny days got you craving a blended iced drink? Do you go with a fruit smoothie or a coffee-based Frappuccino? Which has fewer calories?

Winner: Frappuccino

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A Light Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks is 105 calories, while a Strawberry Whirl smoothie from Jamba Juice is 156 calories. A fruit concoction isn't always your best bet when it comes to calories.

Cocktail Party Picks: Margarita vs. Cosmopolitan

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It's cocktail hour! But before you imbibe, find out if a classic margarita or the always-popular cosmopolitan has fewer calories.

Winner: Margarita

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Ole, ole, margaritas beat the cosmo! A 4oz glass of a traditional margarita is 184 calories, while a cosmo is 213. Now, the bar foods are what you have to worry about.

Chocolate Choices: Chocolate Milk vs. Chocolate Soymilk

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Calling all chocolate lovers, find out if chocolate soymilk has fewer calories than chocolate milk.

Winner: Chocolate Soy Milk

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While there's not a huge difference between calorie counts, a cup of man versions of chocolate soy milk has fewer calories (140) than low-fat chocolate milk (158). Calories aside, both contain chocolate, which is enough to choose either!

Popular Diet Drinks: Diet Cola vs. Diet Snapple

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Are you a diet-drinking fiend? Find out how two popular diet drinks compare in calories.

Winner: Diet Coke

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Before checking into diet drinkers anonymous, know that a bottle of Diet Coke contains zero calories and a bottle of Diet Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink is 20 calories. That said there are many zero-calorie diet Snapple drinks so be sure to check the label.

Common Mixers: Orange Juice vs. Cranberry Juice

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Smartly choose between cocktails by knowing your mixers. Does orange juice or cranberry juice have more calories?

Winner: Orange Juice

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Screwdriver it is—a cup of orange juice contains about 120 calories, while a cup of cranberry juice is about 137 calories. Don't forget that the alcohol adds the bulk of the calories to any alcoholic drink.

Antioxidant Juices: Pomegranate Drink vs. Acai Berry Drink

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Trying to get your antioxidants? Don't forget about calories when it comes to popular berry-filled drinks.

Winner: Acai Berry Juice

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An 8oz bottle of 100% pomegranate juice, such as Pom Wonderful, is 160 calories, but the same serving size of acai berry juice is only about 120 calories.

Chai of Choice: Chai Tea Latte vs. Chai Tea with Milk

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Looking for an herbal refresher? This popular spiced tea can be served in a couple of ways. So, which has fewer calories?

Winner: Chai Tea with Milk

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While a chai tea latte is delicious, it's also 156 calories (a 12oz serving with non-fat milk). The alternative low-calorie option, a chai tea with non-fat milk added, is only 10-20 calories.

Summer Sippers: Lemonade vs. Iced Tea

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Sunny days call for yummy summer sippers! An ice-cold lemonade can be just as refreshing as a chilled iced tea, but which beverage wins when it comes to calories?

Winner: Iced Tea

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Kick back and relax this summer with a glass of sweetened ice tea (70 calories) or, if you're willing to sacrifice calories for lemonade, tack on 30 more calories.

Juice Bar Drinks: Carrot Cleanser vs. Celery Drink

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When drinking your veggies, are all veggie juices created equal? Here is the caloric breakdown…

Winner: Carrot Cleanser

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While both are relatively low-calorie options, a cup of carrot juice is about 50 calories and celery root juice is about 60 calories. Since the caloric difference is negligible, be conscientious of additional ingredients to veggie-based juices.

Brunch Cocktails: Bloody Mary vs. Irish Coffee

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Sunday mornings call for brunch and brunch calls for cocktails. The Bloody Mary and Irish Coffee are clear brunch favorites. But when it comes to calories, which drink has fewer calories?

Winner: Bloody Mary

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Cheers, a 10oz Bloody Mary is 125 calories and an Irish Coffee is 210. The spicy, tomato-juice drink is the clear winner.

*All calorie calculations for beverages are based on a serving size of one cup unless otherwise stated, as calculated by CalorieKing.


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