You don't need to be an expert bartender to stir this concoction together—just don't forget the orange peel to top it off.

By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: November 24, 2016

With everything that comes with hosting a holiday dinner or party-something's burning in the oven, there's no room left on the stove, you ran out of tin foil, your friends showed up early and you aren't dressed yet-the last thing you have time for is playing fancy-pants bartender.

Thankfully, this European Descent cocktail-which uses classic Italian and French ingredients to complement the scotch-is as simple to make as pour, stir, strain, and enjoy. (Want to make the booze duties even simpler? These three-ingredient holiday cocktail hacks will make your life so much easier.) This cocktail recipe may have been crafted by Robby Nelson of The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn, but you don't even have to know the difference between shaken and stirred to make this holiday drink. Just don't skip over the orange peel step at the end of the recipe. Peeling the citrus ring and running it along the rim of the glass will make all the difference when you take that first sip.

The best part about it? Your guests will be super impressed with your skills, even though you don't really need to have any. (Looking for more seasonal drinks ideas? Take a look at the Redheaded Scot-the healthy scotch cocktail you need during the cold-weather months, and the cozy Copper Rush that will warm you up from the inside out.)

European Descent


1 oz. Macallan scotch

1 oz. Hine cognac

3/4 oz. sweet vermouth

1/2 oz. Campari

orange peel


  1. Pour scotch, cognac, sweet vermouth, and Campari into a tall glass.
  2. Fill remainder of glass with ice and stir.
  3. Strain mixture over rocks glass with ice.
  4. Peel slice of orange rind, squeeze, and run around the rim of the glass before placing in drink.

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