Because everything is better with sparkles.

By Faith Brar
June 14, 2018

When it comes to celebrating Pride Month, looks like breweries in Seattle definitely have the right idea. To honor the LGBTQ community, glitter beer (yes, you read that right) will be made available during the city's annual Pride Parade later this month. (Glitter coffee is also a thing, BTW.)

Dubbed the Highly Verotic Pale Ale, this glittery beer is a shimmery American Pale Ale, brewed with citra and mosaic hops. A small spoonful of edible glitter is then mixed into the beverage to give it its signature shine. If hoppy IPAs aren't your thing, though, some other varieties will also be tapped for the first time that weekend. (Related: Glitter Workout Gear That Sparkles and Shines)

ICYDK, this Instagram-friendly glitter beer trend has been sweeping the nation for quite some time now. Apparently, the original glitter beer was brewed by Three Weavers Brewing Company in Inglewood, CA. Mel's Sparkle Pony made its shining debut in 2015. (Related: This Woman Is Using Glitter to Remind Everyone That Stretch Marks Are Beautiful)

If you live in Seattle and are already getting excited about downing these beverages, it's worth noting that while edible glitter is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, the organization did issue a warning against the irresponsible use of "decorative non-edible food products." So make sure you double-check that the glitter being used is, in fact, edible. In the statement, the FDA also advised people to avoid using edible glitter in their foods regularly-so you shouldn't consume copious amounts of this stuff. But a pint or two in the name of pride? Worth it.