This Healthy Egg White Cocktail Recipe Will Make You Look Like a Master Mixologist

Move over rum and coke. This cocktail is some next level stuff—but it still only takes two minutes to make.

Let's talk about baiji. This traditional Chinese liquor can be hard to find (bartender points: +3), and is typically made from fermented sorghum grain. So, sorry, but this drink is a no-go for your gluten-free friends (-1 point, even though that's not your fault). You can also use shochu, a similar rice-distilled liquor from Japan. (If grain-based booze or egg whites aren't your things, you and your girls can also sip on this tasty rum and pomegranate cocktail and pretend it's still summer or a heavenly dark chocolate cocktail that is basically spiked dessert.)

Next up, yuzu juice (well, aren't you fancy? +2 points). Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, and while the fruit itself is probably just as hard to find as baiji, you can grab a bottle of its juice (which has a refreshing tart flavor that's distinctive from other citrus fruits) from gourmet or ethnic markets, or via Amazon. The rich flavor and aroma mean you'll need less simple syrup found in those other basic cocktails (bonus +5 points).

After mixing some of the ingredients together and straining it into one-half of the cocktail shaker, top the drink with one egg white. Close the shaker back up and shake (or should we say scramble) the heck out that thing. What emerges when you pour everything into a chilled glass is nothing short of a frothy, masterpiece.

No one needs to know that you didn't exactly invent the recipe yourself-that's best left to our pro, bartender James Palumbo of Belle Shoals Bar in Brooklyn, NY. Besides, you're the one who did all the shaking, so you basically got in an arm workout while you're busy being the best hostess ever.

Hanzo Flip Cocktail


5 oz. baijiu (or shochu)

1 oz. Frangelico

0.75 oz. Yuzu

0.25 oz. bitters

1 egg white

Honey to garnish


  1. Combine baijiu, Frangelico, yuzu juice, and bitters in a shaker.
  2. Add ice and shake vigorously.
  3. Strain mixture back into shaker and discard ice.
  4. Crack egg and separate the white, letting it drop into the tin shaker.
  5. Cover and "dry shake" (meaning, with no ice) for about 45 seconds to emulsify the egg into the cocktail (and to make it frothy, duh).
  6. Pour ingredients into chilled cocktail coupe and garnish with a spritz of lemon and a few drops of honey.
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