This superfood-filled shot can foster a healthy gut.

By Renee Cherry
February 20, 2018

There are plenty of reasons to take your gut health seriously. For starters, research suggests that the state of your microbiome may influence your breast cancer risk, energy levels, and mental health. (Related: Is the Anti-Candida Diet the Secret to Gut Health?)

To improve gut health, you should include more fiber and probiotics in your diet. As a refresher: Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that can keep your gut microbiome balanced. And fiber boosts the population of good bacteria in your digestive tract.

This ultimate gut health juice shot from A Balanced Belly can help on both fronts. It has sauerkraut, which, along with other fermented foods, is known for being great for your gut since they contain probiotics. (For more fermented options, check out these 10 healthy kimchi recipes.) The drink also incorporates apples, which are high in fiber.

In addition to the sauerkraut and apple, this juice shot has two more gut-friendly ingredients: ginger and turmeric. Both contain compounds that may reduce inflammation in the body-gingerol and curcumin, respectively. Ginger was also used as an ancient remedy for treating nausea and upset stomachs. Thousands of years later, it's still often used in the treatment of nausea from chemotherapy or morning sickness, since the compounds in ginger have been shown to block receptors that cause upset stomachs. Thanks to potent ingredients, just a swig of this juice goes a long way. (FYI, here are six ways to bolster good gut bacteria besides eating yogurt.)