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These New Products Turn Basic Water Into a Fancy Health Drink

When You Need Something More Than Water

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If you can't bring yourself to drink water as much as you know you should—but also know you probably aren't going to take the time to infuse your water on the reg—you're in luck. The latest trend in hydration is all about giving your plain H2O a healthy boost—while also packing some extra flavor. (Related: The Hydration Tips Every Fit Girl Needs

Whether you want a little caffeine, some probiotics infused into your sips, or are just trying to make hydration a more delicious habit, these six products—all of which dissolve into a glass of water—have you covered.

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Emergen-C Probiotics+

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You already love Emergen-C for a vitamin C kick when you feel a cold coming on, but the company just launched its fizzy probiotic product (in orange and raspberry flavors), giving your gut a little bit of love. The supplements contain two probiotics called L. Rhamnosus GG and BB-12 as well as B vitamins, crucial for fuel and energy levels. (30 packets for $22;

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Nuun Immunity

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Athletes know Nuun as an electrolyte replacement, but the company's latest product—made with elderberry, echinacea, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D, and E—is aimed at defending immune health. Pop the effervescent tablet into your water bottle for a tastier sip—plus the electrolyte benefits (from potassium, sodium, and magnesium) you'd expect from Nuun. ($7 per tube;

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The Republic of Tea Single Sips

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These organic tea tonics make sipping on the go simpler. They come in two different flavors (apple cider vinegar and daily greens) and are full of healthy herbs, (think hibiscus, spirulina, matcha)—perfect for long flights or long days at the office. You can also blend the packets into smoothies for a little added boost. ($20 for 14 single sips;

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Moon Juice Adaptogenic Protein

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You know Moon Juice as the company that brought you Moon Dusts (including Sex and Spirit dusts). But this year, the cult-favorite company launched adaptogenic proteins that pack amazing ingredients like ashwagandha and maca root paired with 20g plant protein, simplifying your smoothie routine—but also tasty enough to drink in plain H2O. ($50;

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Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water

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Consider collagen a super-healthy skin protein. While it's found naturally in your body, some research finds that supplementing with collagen can boost your skin's elasticity and support hair, nail, skin, and joint health. Each one of these little packets contains 10g collagen and 9g protein. With its tasty mint flavor and only 45 calories, you won't find anything to complain about here. ($58 for 14 sticks;

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Skratch Labs Anytime Hydration

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You can trust the products coming out of Skratch Labs—they're created by sports physiologist and cyclist Allen Lim, Ph.D. But these pour-into-water packets aren't only for the days you're sweaty. They help you maintain optimal hydration in that sweet spot between sitting on the couch and going hard in spin class. Plus, they're sweet but made with real fruit (no artificial sweeteners or scary coloring agents here). ($23 for a 20-pack;

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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix

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Mushroom coffee might sound gross, but this organic Arabica coffee is also infused with chaga and lion's mane mushrooms, said to have immune- and cognitive-enhancing benefits—and proponents hype both its energizing and focus-boosting properties. Pour into a cup of hot water or over water with ice. ($15 for 10 packets;

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