High-Protein Smoothie Recipes to Fuel Your Gains

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Whether you've got a hankering for something jam-packed with fruit or full of chocolatey goodness, these high-protein smoothie recipes are sure to satisfy.

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The Perks of High-Protein Smoothies

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When you're looking to make gains in the muscle department, hitting yourprotein goals is key. Refresher: Protein is a macronutrient that helps build and repair cells, tissue, and muscle; ensures proper growth and development; and assists in body processes such as blood clotting, fluid balance, and more, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends adults following a 2,000-calorie diet score 46 grams of protein per day, and you'll likely need to increase that amount if you're bulking.

That said, your body generally can't process more than 30 grams of protein in one sitting, Ashley Munro, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.C.E.S., a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor in Tucson, Arizona, previously told Shape. So if you were to eat a chicken breast for dinner, which offers nearly 56 grams of the macronutrient, you might actually be taking in only half of that protein.

One easy way to ensure you're getting the most out of every single gram you consume? Spread your intake throughout the day with the help of these high-protein smoothies. Made from simple ingredients such as berries, nut butters, bananas, and, in some cases, protein powder, the drinks are perfect for refueling post-workout and satisfying your mid-afternoon snack cravings. Plus, all the high-protein smoothies take just a few minutes to create. (

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Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie

Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie
Kristine's Kitchen

When your protein powder supply runs dry, soothe your growling stomach with this high-protein smoothie. The drink gets its punch of protein from the Greek yogurt, milk, almond butter, and flaxseed. Plus, it's made with ingredients you likely already have on hand, including bananas and cocoa powder, so you'll be able to whip one up whenever the craving strikes.

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Raspberry Banana Protein Smoothie

Raspberry Banana Protein Smoothie
Haute & Healthy Living

This high-protein smoothie features classic ingredients, such as raspberries, banana, and almond milk, as well as an unconventional add-in: chia seeds, which are rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Mix in the suggested vanilla protein powder for a slightly sweet beverage, or opt for an unflavored version if you want the fruits' flavors to be the star of the show.

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Chocolate Mocha Fudge Protein Smoothie


A blend of bananas, almond milk, coffee, chocolate protein powder, and vanilla, this high-protein smoothie looks and tastes like a legit milkshake. While you might be tempted to concoct the drink for a post-dinner dessert, know that it packs 48 milligrams of energizing caffeine, so you're probably better off sipping it earlier in the day. (These banana milks will take any smoothie's 'nana flavor to the next level.)

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Almond Cherry Smoothie

Almond Cherry Smoothie
Ambitious Kitchen

Drop a scoop of your favorite protein powder into a blender with a banana, cherries, spinach, almond butter, and a few other ingredients, and you've got yourself a high-protein smoothie that'll help you gain muscle and potentially relieve post-workout aches and pains. Seriously, research suggests tart cherry juice can actually ease muscle soreness after an intense workout. To add a touch of sweetness to the tart drink, mix in a tablespoon of cocoa powder.

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Chunky Monkey Protein Smoothie

The Seasoned Mom

It may not be socially acceptable to eat Ben & Jerry's signature ice cream flavor in the morning, but no one will question your choice to sip on this high-protein smoothie, which will treat your taste buds to those same iconic flavors. The dairy-free beverage features bananas, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, and peanut butter, which thickens the drink and adds a slightly nutty flavor. If peanuts aren't in the cards for you, swap the nut butter with an almond or sunflower seed version.

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High-Protein Blueberry Kale Smoothie

The Lemon Bowl

Instead of letting that week-old bundle of kale continue to wilt in your fridge, put it to good use by transforming it into this muscle-building beverage. The high-protein smoothie is created from a combo of the leafy green, bananas, yogurt, protein powder, flax seeds, and blueberries — a fruit that boasts high amounts of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. If those good-for-you nutrients don't entice you to whip up the drink, its gorgeous purple hue definitely will.

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Strawberry Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie


Consisting of just four ingredients — almond milk, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder, and peanut butter powder — this high-protein smoothie can be concocted in less than two minutes and could easily be described as a liquid PB&J. Though this recipe calls for peanut butter powder — which is essentially PB that has had the oil removed and, in turn, typically has fewer calories — feel free to swap it for the OG spread if that's all you have on hand or you want a thicker consistency.

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Healthy Hot Chocolate Smoothie


When your taste buds get tired of the run-of-the-mill, ultra-fruity smoothie flavors, treat them to this out-of-the-box concoction. The high-protein smoothie is a blend of bananas, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, chia seeds, cashew milk, sweetener, and frozen cauliflower rice, which gives the drink a boost of fiber and thicker consistency. And don't worry, you won't be able to taste the cruciferous veggie one bit.

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