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How to Make a Perfect Smoothie Every Single Time

Smoothie making is an art. When it's done right, your smoothie will taste amazing and keep you full for hours. But when it's off, you start the day feeling unsatisfied and defeated. (See: What to Do If Your Smoothie Goes South). That's why we put together your step-by-step guide to making the perfect smoothie. Hang it on your fridge, then make a smoothie that hits the spot every. single. time.

The breakdown: Start with ice or frozen fruit, healthy fats (like almonds or natural peanut butter), protein (whey, casein, even tofu), and fresh fruit and veggies (ALL of the leafy greens you like). Add a little bit of liquid and nutrient dense add-ins like flaxseeds, chia seeds, or cacao nibs to top it off. (Don't get caught with these Healthy Ingredients That Turn Your Smoothie Into Junk Food). Pro tip: Keep the liquid closest to the blade to ensure proper mixing.

Have some extra time and want to go for the smoothie bowl form? Check out these 10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes Under 500 Calories. If you're heading out the door and would rather keep it quick, try these 8 Simple Slimming Smoothies you can whip up in no time.Smoothie Formula

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