If the weather won't cooperate, you can always *sip* on springtime.

By Lauren Mazzo
April 10, 2017
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Matcha green tea latte

Not only does it look pretty, but it's chock-full of health benefits too. ICYMI, matcha is like the next-level version of green tea. It does everything from lower cholesterol and protect against cancer to control blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. (That doesn't even cover them all. Here, the rest of matcha green tea's health benefits.) And you don't need to drink a zillion lattes to get the matcha boost; you can toss it in coffee, cocktails, pancakes, granola, and all these other genius matcha recipes too.

There's more great news: If you're hooked on lattes with benefits, there are even more options. Next up, try a unicorn latte (yes, that exists, and it has algae in it) or a golden milk latte, which uses the super anti-inflammatory spice turmeric for a healthy punch.

Iced Lavender Matcha Green Tea Latte


1 teaspoon matcha powder

8 oz milk (any type)

1/2 oz lavender syrup (grab it online or make your own)



  1. Mix the matcha with 2 oz cold milk using a frother or blender
  2. Add lavender syrup.
  3. Top off with remaining cold milk and stir.
  4. Fill cup with ice. Pour your matcha green tea latte over the ice.


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