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The Martini Recipe That Uses Coconut Water In the Most Brilliantly Healthy Way

If you're ready for 2016 to bite the dust already, you aren't alone. With daily news of violent happenings around the world and perhaps THE most unpleasant election U.S. voters have ever had to sit through, people are so ready for 2016 to be over. And we can only hope that looking ahead to 2017 you have a positive attitude thinking about fresh starts, new beginnings, and #PersonalBests coming your way. Or if nothing, else, joy that this year is finally coming to a close.

Enter: This aptly named New Year Martini created by bartender Robby Nelson of The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn. Whether your New Year's Eve is usually spent in sequins surrounded by 50 of your closest friends or in sweats surrounding by your favorite takeout food, this healthy cocktail is the perfect addition to your night.

And before you roll your eyes thinking how cliché it sounds to sip on a dry martini with a toothpick full of olives on New Year's Eve, know that this martini is unlike others you've ever tried (and maybe hated) before. For one, it's healthy and hydrating. How, you ask? Well it's made with organic coconut water, so you can replenish your fluids as you drink them. (Thank us tomorrow when you're not hungover.) And second, it's pink. [Mic drop.] I mean, do you need to know anything more? FYI, the hue comes from the Harmless Harvest coconut water that Nelson uses in his unique concoction. But frankly, who cares where it comes from—it's a pretty pink drink and it's NYE baby.

New Year Martini

2 oz vodka
1 oz coconut water
cucumber for garnish


  1. Pour coconut water, vodka, and a ton of ice into a large cocktail glass.
  2. Stir, stir, and stir some more.
  3. Strain mixture into a cocktail coupe and garnish with a cucumber slice.


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