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Michelob Ultra Game-Day Commerical Speaks to Fitness Fans


It's fair to say there will be lots and lots of beer drinking during the Super Bowl this weekend, and because a beer gut is probably not part of your get-trim-in-2016 plan, we think you'll appreciate this fitness-focused commercial from Michelob Ultra.

Set to run during the coveted (and expensive) game-day air time, Anheuser-Busch breathes new life into the beer industry's marketing with this commercial that's set around just that—breathing. Heavy inhales and exhales are heard from fit and often sweat-soaked men and women working out and working hard. You watch as the athletes—yes, we call them athletes—push further, go harder, and give it their all while running, swimming, biking, lifting, practicing yoga, using battle ropes—you name it. (Did you know that Drinking Beer Post-Run Gets the Hydration Stamp of Approval?)

You watch early risers and night owls make time for fitness. You see the exhaustion and determination in their sweat and breath. The dedication they have to live a healthy, fit life is quickly made apparent. At this point, you might think the ad is for, say, Nike or Gatorade, but then the heavy breathing moves from sweaty exercise to the familiar "ahhh" crack of a beer bottle—in this case, Michelob Ultra.

"Brewed for those who go the extra mile," is the tagline that runs across the screen, followed by reminders that Michelob Ultra is a mere 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs—pretty much unheard of in the beer world, and much lighter than popular craft beers.

Regardless of whether this makes you want to actually buy a six-pack of Michelob Ultra (sorta the point of advertising) or if you're more of a wine-drinker (non-drinkers are cool too!), the point is that you can have your Crossfit AND your cake—er, beer. (Dress up your beer with these 9 Beertails to Help You Celebrate the Super Bowl.) We're all about balance here at Shape, and we know that sometimes life just calls for a beer—or four. (But drink responsibly this weekend and every weekend—seriously!)


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