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Millennials Are Drinking All the Wine


Millennials are good at a few things: texting, running, and drinking wine. So good at drinking wine, in fact, that a study by the Wine Market Council shows that millennials drank 42 percent of the country’s wine in 2015. Yeah, that's, like, almost half.

From 2000 to 2015, the percentage of high-frequency wine drinkers among U.S. legal drinking age-adults rose from 7.6 percent to 13 percent—and you can thank millennials. They’re drinking often, and they’re drinking a lot; the average millennial drank 3.1 glasses per occasion. One glass of wine constitutes five ounces (less than a third of the volume of a standard water bottle), says Rachel Berman, R.D.,—but we’re all likely over-pouring our glasses, meaning that’s a lot of wine to down on the reg.

It’s all fine in the name of stress relief and antioxidants, right? Not really.

“It’s important to remember that studies touting improved longevity and heart health are talking about moderate alcohol consumption—which means one drink per day for women, two for men,” says Berman. “Not to mention, more alcohol typically means less restraint when it comes to making healthy choices.”

Crushing an entire sleeve of crackers and a block of cheese and calling it “dinner” does seem to make more sense after three glasses—which may be why Millennials Have a Harder Time Losing Weight Than Previous Generations. The millennial wine habit might be hurting their wallets too. The study found that older millennials (between ages 30 and 38) are likely to drop more dough on quality wine.

But whether they're a fresh 21-year-old or a seasoned wine veteran, the study showed that the generation as a whole will drink any type of wine from anywhere—no limitation on location or varietal. That open-mindedness is one of the things that makes the generation so great for the workforce.

We’ll cheers to that! So, millennials, bottoms up. (Wine-glass selfie required, of course.)


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