Mindy Kaling Made a DIY Version of the $17 Hailey Bieber Smoothie

Find out what experts have to say about the smoothie's supposed skin benefits.

Mindy Kaling
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Hailey Bieber no doubt has a knack for kicking off viral trends ('glazed donut' nails, anyone?) but the latest TikTok trend inspired by the model might just be the tastiest. After Bieber collaborated with California-based grocery chain Erewhon on a nutrient-packed, "skin-supporting" strawberry smoothie, DIY versions quickly went viral on TikTok. And now, even Mindy Kaling is getting in on the trend. She recently shared a video on Instagram of her attempt to recreate the trendy smoothie, joking about its steep $17 price tag and sharing her own recipe for those who want to try it themselves.

For background, the Erewhon smoothie's ingredient list includes sea moss gel (which comes from a type of red algae and may benefit skin and digestion), almond milk, strawberries, vanilla collagen, hyaluronic acid (a common skin-care ingredient), avocado, whipped coconut cream, dates, maple syrup, and a house-made strawberry glaze. While the famous grocery store chain didn't share the exact measurements of each ingredient in the smoothie recipe, Kaling was kind enough to break down her copycat recipe in her recent Instagram post.

In the clip, Kaling first does a taste test of the store-bought smoothie, calling it "delicious" and adding, "I understand why Hailey Bieber is so beautiful now." She then gets to work on her own version, blending up a full banana, two dates, half of an avocado, a half cup of strawberries, a half cup of almond milk, one tablespoon of sea moss gel, and a few drops of liquid hyaluronic acid.

Kaling lines her glass with whipped coconut cream before pouring in the smoothie, topping it off with more coconut cream, and adding a dollop of strawberry jam. The pink and white concoction not only looks "gorgeous," according the actress, but it tastes just as good. "I cannot believe this is good for you," she notes. "It tastes like a straight-up dessert." Joking that it "only costs $400" to DIY, she added that it's a bit of an investment to get all the ingredients together, but the skin-loving additives, such as sea moss gel and hyaluronic acid, will last a long time.

So, now that the smoothie has Kaling's seal of approval when it comes to taste, does it actually offer any skin benefits as advertised? Ahead, experts weigh in on the viral smoothie.

Is Hailey Bieber's Viral Smoothie Actually Good For Your Skin?

"Supporting skin health from the inside out is never a bad idea," says Geeta Yadav, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of FACET Dermatology, noting that Bieber's smoothie "does contain some excellent nutrients for the skin." Specifically, she's a fan of both hyaluronic acid and sea moss gel.

"We all know that hyaluronic acid is critical for healthy-looking skin," she adds. "It's a humectant, which means it draws in water and holds it, keeping everything hydrated and supple, skin included." But is it beneficial to ingest it? That's a resounding yes, according to registered dietitian and Everlywell advisor Heather Hanley, R.D.N. "Ingesting hyaluronic acid has been shown to improve overall skin flexibility and elasticity, meaning it makes your skin more stretchy and soft," she says. (Read all about the benefits of hyaluronic acid here.)

Then, there's sea moss gel, which boasts anti-inflammatory properties, says Dr. Yadav. "It can not only help the symptoms of conditions like eczema and psoriasis, but [it] can also address signs of chronic stress in the skin, which includes redness, sensitivity, and reactivity."

While it's no secret collagen is the key to plump-looking skin, both pros are iffy on the benefits of ingesting collagen. "The research isn't strong enough yet on collagen — it's hard to say whether eating it can help support your skin's natural production of it — but there's no harm in trying it," says Dr. Yadav.

In addition to the skin-care ingredients, avocados, found in both Bieber and Kaling's smoothie recipes, are rich in fatty acids, which promote "nourished and more resilient skin and hair," says Dr. Yadav. They're also "an excellent nutritional source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K," says Hanley. Plus, the magnesium found in avocados, dates, and almond milk can "help our bodies to produce hyaluronic acid," says Sarah Rueven, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N., a women's health expert and founder of Rooted Wellness. She actually recommends doubling down on the magnesium by adding leafy greens or magnesium-rich nuts, such as cashews, to a homemade version of the smoothie.

It seems like drinking the pink smoothie is certainly one way to add some skin-boosting ingredients into your diet, but Rueven and Haney both flag that it's high in sugar, thanks to the dates, maple syrup, strawberry glaze, and coconut cream. You might consider removing the maple syrup and strawberry glaze to cut down on extra sugar, Rueven suggests. "Instead, focus on the strawberries and dates, which will give you that natural sweetness along with other vitamins and minerals," she explains. Of course, if you're not concerned with sugar intake, drinking the smoothie as is makes for a sweet treat that's still packed with many good-for-you ingredients.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can pop into your local Erewhon to give the smoothie a try, or whip up Kaling's version at home to see what the hype is all about.

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