Find out how the nutrition info stacks up.

By Lauren Mazzo

In case you thought Starbucks' unicorn-flavored frappuccino was going to be the only blockbuster bevvy hit of the season, think again: The coffee giant is back with two new frappuccino flavors that scream ~summer~. Meet the Mango Pineapple Frappuccino and the Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccino, both crème-based blended drinks with summery fruit flavors-and, no, not a hint of coffee in them.

The new frappuccinos are available in U.S. and Canadian Starbucks stores starting today and throughout the summer as long as supplies last. Both drinks start with a mango Frappuccino blended crème sandwiched by layers of fruit purée. The prickly pear flavor includes strawberry with subtle notes of hibiscus, passionfruit, and lime. The mango flavor also has hints of pineapple and lime. (I know what you're thinking... they both sound like they'd make a mean margarita. Maybe try a boozy banana smoothie instead?)

You probably already knew that frappuccinos, in general, are a high-calorie indulgence-but as far as frappuccinos go, these babies actually aren't too bad. A tall (12 oz) Mango Pineapple Frappuccino has 180 calories, 34g sugar, and 3g fat. A tall Berry Prickly Pear Frappuccino has 180 calories, 34g sugar, and 3g fat, according to a Starbucks rep. Compared to some of their other frappuccino flavors-like the Cotton Candy, which also has a crème-and-fruit base and packs in 280 calories, 48g sugar, and 11g fat-these new flavors are on the light side.

That's partially thanks to the fact that the new frappuccino flavors aren't served with whipped cream, "so the fruit flavors and bright colors really shine through," said Jennica Robinson, from the Starbucks beverage development team, in a release.

Want to lighten it up even more? Swap the recipe's go-to whole milk with low-fat milk or a nondairy milk, like almond milk. A tall Mango Pineapple Frappuccino made with almond milk has 150 calories, 31g sugar, and 1.5g fat. (Here are more tips for lightening up your coffee order.)

So if you want to #treatyoself to a fancy summer bevvy from the 'Bux? There's good news: These new summer flavors aren't the scariest for your body. Even better? They look great on the 'gram.

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