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Nondairy Nut Milks That Taste Better Than the Real Thing

The New Nondairy

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Sales of almond milk, which introduced us to the unusual notion of drinking a nut, have skyrocketed by more than 250 percent over the past five years, according to Nielsen. But the latest in non-dairy options allows you to think beyond almond—nut milks these days come from cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, and pistachios, and they're all packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. But you'll love them because they're creamy, dreamy, and delicious.

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Silk Protein & Nut Milk

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Silk Protein & Nutmilk is a combo of almond and cashew milks. Ten grams of soy-free pea protein per serving (which is a great muscle-builder, BTW) boost its staying power.

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Thai Coco Banana Coconut Milk

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Thai Coco Banana Coconut Milk is part coconut milk, part coconut water, which is rich in potassium. Banana not your thing? Not to worry; it comes in eight different varieties.

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Pacific Foods Hazelnut Milk

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Pacific Foods Hazelnut Original Non-Dairy Beverage is high in calcium and vitamins D and A and also comes in a chocolate flavor. (And you know what they say about drinking chocolate milk post-workout.)

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NüMoo Pistachio Nut Milk

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NüMoo Pistachio Nut Milk is made with a cold-milling process that uses the entire nut, so you get all the fiber. (Love the taste of pistachios? Make these Healthy Pistachio Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.)

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MALK Maple Pecan Malk

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MALK Organics Maple Pecan Malk is cold-pressed (like some juices) to stay fresh without added chemicals or heat.

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Macadamia Milk

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Royal Hawaiian Orchards Macadamia Milk has all the buttery flavor of macadamias, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin E.

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Cashew Milk

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So Delicious Cashew Milk has a rich consistency and a neutral flavor, making it perfect to use in recipes (like one of these healthy ways to use nut milk).

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Califia Farms Coconut Almond Milk

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Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk is a delicious flavored alternative to plain almond milk. It has 50 percent more calcium than regular milk, so your bones get a serious boost too.

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Or, Make It Yourself

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Pulse whole, shelled nuts in a blender or a chopper. Then combine two parts water with one part nuts; cover, and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, simmer the mixture for about an hour (some people skip this step, but it makes the milk extra silky, says chef Maria Hines), then puree in a high-speed blender. Push through a fine-mesh sieve, and chill. (Don't have a sieve? Try this Homemade Almond Cashew Milk recipe that doesn't need one.)

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3 New Ways to Enjoy Nut Milk

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Brew a deluxe afternoon latte: Froth hazelnut milk to make a coffee drink that tastes deliciously nutty and dessert-like with an indulgent velvety texture, says Hines.

Blend up a rich soup: Use pistachio milk in potato-leek soup for a complex, layered flavor and a silky-smooth broth. (Love leeks? Try these clever leek recipes too.)

Make a creamy sauce: Swap in cashew milk for heavy cream in Alfredo sauce; your healthier pasta dish will taste just as good but be lower in fat and calories and higher in protein.

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