You're just one Target-run away from hangover relief.

By Sophia Melissa Caraballo
Photo: Zakharchuk / / Target

It seems that Pedialyte is in on the secret that many people use their products as a hangover remedy. The brand has (finally) introduced a product actually made for adults. That's right, the brand just answered all of our prayers with their new Pedialyte electrolyte packets, designed to combat dehydration better than a sports drink. (FYI, your hangover probably lasts longer than you realize.)

Each little powder packet is packed with potassium, sugar, chloride, and sodium, designed to battle the dehydration resulting from one too many drinks, a nasty stomach bug or food poisoning, a hard-core sesh at the gym, heat exhaustion, or travel. (Related: What Happened When I Drank Twice As Much Water As I Usually Do for a Week)

The fizzy packs come in cherry and grape and are designed to be added to a 16-ounce bottle of cold water so they're more portable and discreet than a liter of the brand's OG product.

The Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs are already sold out on Amazon, but they're available at Target now ($11, if you want to snatch a box before your New Year's Eve party for the morning after. (Or for that long run you're planning to crush, whichever!)

Yeah, you're welcome.


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