The *other* way to combine pumpkin spice and coffee in one beverage.

By Sophia Melissa Caraballo
Updated: October 16, 2018
Photo: Raw Generation

Halloween is equally about dressing up in mouse ears à la Karen from Mean Girls (or one of these fitness-inspired costumes) as it is about binge-watching scary movies at home on the couch.

Whatever your plans may be, this cocktail from Raw Generation will definitely come in handy. It tastes like the season in a glass (yes, there's an element of pumpkin spice) and makes for crazy-spooky table décor, thanks to a dollop of dry ice (more on that below). Plus, the cold brew will help keep you awake until the ungodly hours of the night-whether it's to dance to "Thriller" for the eleventh time or to make it through all of Stranger Things season two. You can either buy it bottled or learn how to make your own cold brew at home. (P.S. This s'more cocktail uses cold brew too.)

Heads up: If you choose to add dry ice for ~special effects~ (shown above), be careful when handling it. Even though food-grade dry ice (the kind used in this recipe, which you can grab at most grocery stores) is safer than regular dry ice (typically used for food storage or shipments), you can still get frostbite if you touch it. (Scary-and not in a fun way.) You should use tongs or a ladle to place the dry ice into the glass-not your hands-and limit each drink to a couple of dry ice chips. The ice will sink to the bottom of the glass and stick to the side. So once it's in there, you should be safe. But maybe ditch the dry ice operation after you've have had a round or two.

Too spooked by the dry ice to risk it in your cocktail? No worries: It'll taste just as good without the "fog."

Witches' Cold Brew Coffee Pumpkin Martini



  1. Pour all liquids into cocktail shaker and shake. Pour into martini glass.
  2. Add dry ice for special effects and to keep drink cold. (Not using dry ice? Add regular ice to cocktail shaker before pouring into a martini glass.)


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