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The Quince Cocktail Recipe Every Happy Hour Is Missing

This cleverly titled cocktail recipe has a star ingredient, and it's called quince syrup. Never heard of it? Well, the quince is a lumpy yellow fruit you may have seen in specialty markets or in the corner of your local grocery store. But it's a big mistake to pass up this tough-skinned produce just because, well, it's kind of ugly.

The quince is actually rather hard and is inedible when raw, but the juice created from the cooked fruit? Sure, it takes a bit of work to get the final quince syrup result, but trust us (or better yet, trust bartender James Palumbo of Belle Shoals Bar in Brooklyn, NY, who crafted the cocktail), it'll be worth it. The fruit is actually pretty water-heavy, so you could even tell yourself you're hydrating with every sip. (But no, you really should drink water between every cocktail—it's part of what makes a difference between a horrible hangover and feeling pretty good the next day. Feeling guilty? This could be Why Your Hangovers Are Worse Than Your Friends'.) Check out this DIY how-to for quince syrup, and then shake up this refreshing cocktail ASAP. (While you're busy playing mixologist over there, Palumbo also created this Cachaca Cocktail Recipe You've Got to Try.)

Quincey Jones Cocktail

1 oz. quince syrup
0.25 oz. Frangelico
0.50 oz. lemon juice (about half a lemon)
1 oz. vodka


  1. Mix quince syrup, vodka, Frangelico, lemon juice, in a shaker with ice.
  2. Pour strained mixture in glass with ice.
  3. Garnish with a slice of quince fruit, mint, and raspberries.


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