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The Redheaded Scot Is the Healthy Scotch Cocktail You Need This Fall

Move over pumpkin spice latte, you're about to meet your new favorite fall drink: The Redheaded Scot. Okay, so it's not morning fare, like a latte. But this healthy cocktail recipe evokes the best of cool autumn nights. It blends aged scotch with tangy ginger and allspice berries to make a spicy drink that will remind you of crunchy leaves, bonfires, and crisp, cold air.

Lucky for you, it's as good for you as it is delicious. The orange provides vitamin C, giving your immune system a little boost during cold and flu season, while the ginger can help relieve digestive pains and nausea. (One too many trips to the holiday buffet perhaps?) But the secret ingredient of this healthy cocktail recipe is the allspice dram, a sweet, spicy syrup made from berries from the pimento tree. (Yes, like the ones they use to stuff olives.) It's considered a specialty ingredient and can be a little difficult to find, but fortunately, it's simple to make your own

Redheaded Scot

Crafted by bartender James Palumbo of Belle Shoals Bar in Brooklyn, NY


2 oz Macallan 12-year scotch

1/2 oz ginger syrup

6 dashes allspice dram

orange twist

big chunk of ice


Pour the allspice dram into the bottom of a tumbler. Add the ginger syrup then the scotch. Don't forget the ice! Cut off a small piece of orange peel, squeeze the juice into the glass, and use as a garnish. Enjoy!


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