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Refreshing Hard Cider Cocktails That Will Make You Rethink Cider Season

Raspberry Cider Whiskey Cocktail

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This Raspberry Cider Whiskey cocktail was specifically crafted for warm-weather cider drinking—it's supposed to taste like a raspberry candy apple (with a kick of whiskey). Whip it up with just three ingredients.

Photo: Mantitlement

Honeycrisp Sangria

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Using apple vodka, a honeycrisp apple, apple cider, and hard apple cider, this Honeycrisp Sangria is almost 100 percent apple—but that doesn't mean it should be reserved for fall. The bright, bubbly taste and squeeze of lemon juice give it a tangy punch perfect for spring. (If you're looking for more cocktails with a fruity—and healthy—side, try these Juice Recipes to Get You Tipsy.)

Photo: Self Proclaimed Foodie

Snakebite Guiness and Pear Cider Cocktail

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Skip the apple cider and go for pear instead! With crisp pear hard cider and heavy Guinness beer artistically layered in a glass, this Snakebite Cocktail is basically a visual representation of spring—dark and gloomy meets light and bright.

Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Oregon Blackberry Cider Crush

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This Oregon-inspired Cider Crush cocktail uses vodka, hard cider, lemonade, and blackberries to create a taste of the Pacific Northwest. If you want to go all-in Oregonian, swap the blackberries for marionberries (their tart and juicy cousin).

Photo: Urban Bliss Life

Ginger Beer Cranberry Hard Cider Cocktail

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This Cranberry Ginger Hard Cider Cocktail was created specifically for Friday afternoons, when you're ready for happy hour after a long week but want something you can throw together in a minute flat with minimal clean-up. Refreshing and bubbly with a bit of warmth and spice, this drink is ideal for in-between weather. (And when you're trying to run in that WTF weather, these jackets are the best bet.)

Photo: Sweet Peas and Saffron

Scotch Pear Cider Cocktail

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You'll never guess what's behind the sweet-and-spicy kick in this Scotch Pear Cider Cocktail: Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur made from ancho chilies steeped in a sugar cane spirit! Pair with sweet pear cider, rich scotch, and a bit of honey and lemon, and you have a cider cocktail that's less fall and more ~fancy~.

Photo: One Martini

Maple Cider Cherry Wiskey Cocktail

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Homemade cherry syrup and hard apple cider would be too sweet without the hearty shot of whiskey that gets mixed into this Cherry Cider Whiskey cocktail. (P.S. Dark spirits get a bad rap, but you can find low-cal versions.)

Photo: Swooned

White Wine Sangria

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This White Wine Sangria—poured into mason jar mugs with striped straws and lemons to garnish—looks made for summer time. But the apple cider and hard cider it's mixed with makes it feel more suited for cool weather than backyard barbeques.

Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Apple Tom Collins

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You only need four ingredients to create this Apple Tom Collins cocktail: gin, hard cider, lime juice, and soda. It's simple enough for even the most amateur bartender, but strong and satisfying.

Photo: Real Housemoms

Fresh Pear Cocktail

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This fruit-filled Fresh Pear Cocktail is chock-full of fresh sliced pear—plus hard apple cider, lime juice, citrus-infused vodka, pomegranate juice, and a dash of agave. For VIP status, infuse your own vodka by drowning a pear in a mason jar for about a month. (Make it an Asian pear and this drink could be your new favorite hangover cure.)

Photo: Sweet Life Bake


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